Starting a restaurant from scratch is a very exciting time for most entrepreneurs, but with so many potential design choices it can also be a bit overwhelming. Here are some interior ideas for Your Start-Up Restaurant.

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Starting a restaurant from scratch is a very exciting time for any entrepreneur. That said, with so many potential design choices, it can also be a bit overwhelming.

In reality, using a commercial property solicitors to buy the property you’re going to turn into a restaurant is relatively simple in comparison to choosing your interior design. Working out every individual element of your start-up restaurant’s interior design is, arguably, one of the most important elements of the whole venture!

This is why, in this post, we’re going to share our top 10 interior design ideas to make this process a little easier on you. Take a look…

What Interior Design Ideas Can You Use for Your Start-Up Restaurant?

Whether you already know what you want your start-up restaurant to look like or not, the following tips should help you make your interior design the best it can be. 

1. Open yourself up

One way to get customers to engage more with your restaurant is to show some behind-the-scenes action. Try exposing the kitchen, wine cellar, whiskey tunnel or any other functioning part of your restaurant to the dining public.

Giving the guests a glimpse behind the scenes invites them to get closer to your product, gets them talking, and establishes trust. This is because it shows them you’re not afraid to expose your process. 

2. Invest in the power of words

Having some interesting wording scattered throughout your restaurant can really engage with your diners. You can put mantras on the wall, list your ‘rules for making good food’, or anything else you think customers will appreciate seeing.

Better yet, why not put up a huge chalkboard and let the diners express their creative side. You might end up with some really cool drawings, quotations, and customer reviews that make them feel more involved and foster a sense of community amongst the diners.

3. Commission a mural

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Speaking of having cool art on your walls, another great interior design idea is commissioning a local artist to paint a huge mural on your wall. 

If the art is interesting enough, you might even get diners taking selfies in front of it, essentially promoting your brand for you. A few cheeky hashtags with your restaurant’s name out on social media can only be a good thing for your start-up’s brand awareness.

4. Incorporate minimalist shelving

As a start-up restaurant, you’ll want to keep your interior design ideas relatively cheap. Adding minimalist shelving is a job you can do yourself, all you need is the money to buy the shelves.

You can play with different designs and combinations for your shelves, and put all sorts of interesting decorations and ornaments on them that match your restaurant’s style.

5. Hang mirrors 

Another way to save money when designing a start-up restaurant is to hang mirrors – lots and lots of mirrors. 

Mirrors are cheap to buy, cheap to install, and cheap to maintain. Putting them up can make a restaurant feel twice its size, make it look brighter by reflecting light, and draw focus.

6. Choose the right lighting

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Speaking of making your restaurant look brighter, installing lights is the optimal way to do that. Lighting is one of the most underestimated elements of a restaurant’s interior design, despite its impact on the overall atmosphere. 

Good lighting creates ambiance for your diners, you just need to decide what ambiance you want for your restaurant and work your decorative lighting it into that idea. 

7. Mix up your seating options

Purchasing interesting seating for your start-up restaurant’s interior design is a great way to save money and make it look expensive at the same time.

Instead of going for basic chairs, stools or booths, you could scour antiques shops, flea markets or charity shops for interesting seating. You could even buy some old, damaged seating, fix them up and give them a new lick of paint. 

8. Design an interesting tablescape

Setting your tables can be much more than just plonking down napkins, cutlery and a tablecloth. Why not make them part of your restaurant’s interior design by putting some branches or flowers in a jar, and choosing brightly coloured plates and interesting silverware. 

You could even put little games on the table for guests to play whilst they wait for their food. Maybe set up a Jenga tower that’s ready to go, or a Rubik’s cube with only one side left to finish that they can solve together. 

9. Add in a plant or two

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Indoor plants have undergone a huge revival over the last 10 years and are one of the best ways to maximise your restaurant’s interior design. Plants are beautiful, relaxing, and help purify the air.

They’re also easy to change out, allowing you to update your restaurant’s décor on a regular basis. However, you could always go for something more static and emphatic by installing a living wall or vertical garden down one side of your restaurant.

10. Consider a community-centered design

This idea won’t be for everyone but, in a time where people are engaging with each other in person less and less, having a communal space in your restaurant can foster a much-needed sense of community. 

People who are craving interaction in a public space with people they’ve never met before will flock to your restaurant for this factor alone. Adding in a communal table or offering board games for guests to play whilst they wait are great ways to accomplish this feat. 

So, Are These the Only Interior Design Ideas for a Start-Up Restaurant?

In this post, we’ve shared our top 10 interior design ideas to use in your start-up restaurant, to help take some of the pressure off you. 

There are lots of other ideas out there, but these 10 are a good start for making your restaurant unique. What’s more, most of them are quite cheap to accomplish in comparison to some of the others. 

Hopefully this post has been helpful, thank you for reading, and good luck with your new restaurant!

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