Starting up can be a very time consuming process, this can make entrepreneurs rush into starting up causing them to make mistakes along way.

There is no need to rush. Take your time and enjoy creating your business. Why? Because you can build a potential customer base before you even launch, that is how Google launched Gmail after all.

Here is how you go about creating a buzz before launching your startup:

1. Gather and organise your contacts.

Gather and make a list of all your contacts whether they be on Outlook, Gmail, Facebook, or any other communication platform. Then add them to a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system such as Zoho, make notes of who would be good for what. E.g. Ben is great at influencing people, Zoe is great a Marketing and Ali has great press contacts.

2. Create a landing page with a signup form.

A landing page is a page which serves as an entry point to your website as it is under construction. Landing pages are generally used to generate leads by having a newsletter signup form and can feature a countdown timer set to the launch date of the website.

Creating a landing page with a newsletter signup form will capture and build a list of people interesting in your business. You can entice people to signup by offering them behind the scenes access to your product or exclusive discounts for when your business launches.

Check your signups daily, add them to your CRM and label them as leads. Setup your website to send you an email each time someone signs up.

MailChimp - Easy to use, drag & drop interface.

MailChimp – Easy to use, drag & drop interface.


3. Start a blog.

Post updates on your progress, how everything is going, how soon your business is due to launch.

Build suspense and interest in your business, keep people coming back.

Make sure your blog is search engine optimised. WordPress is not only a fantastic tool for running a blog but is also very good with keywords. Download and install the Yoast plugin to help you with SEO.

4. Create a Facebook page.

Invite friends and family to like your new Facebook page, create posts asking people to join the mailing list on your landing page and pin these posts. Create an inexpensive advertising campaign asking people to join the mailing list on your landing page.

5. Get active on Twitter.

Follow your competition, entrepreneurs who influence you and industry-related press. Create lists for the people you are following putting them in their relevant categories.

Make sure you retweet and favourite some of their tweets so they take note of and pay attention to your new startup.

Post links to your new blog entries, exclusive pre-launch offers and teasers of your progress. Try and include images where you can and don’t forget to use relevant hashtags such as #startup #launching .etc.

Oh, and don’t forget to follow @StartSmarter, we’ll be sure to try and share your progress when we can!

6. Start your newsletter.

You’ve built a list on contacts, now start a weekly newsletter keeping your signups and contacts up to date with your progress and developments your business. 

I recommend MailChimp or VerticalResponse, they both have free plans!

7. List your business on the Start Smarter Business Directory.

Its free and has exposure to thousands of visitors interested in startups, did I mention its free?

The Start Smarter Business Directory lets you create a profile including a logo and map of your business as well as information and contact details. You can upgrade to the featured listing for £3.49 per month and upload 5 images to your profile as well as a video. 

8. Keep track of visitors.

There is no better way of doing this than Google Analytics. Why? Because you can track everything from where your visitors are located, where they got to your website from, which device they used and much much more! Its free by the way!


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