From 13th January 2018, the government has changed the law around card surcharges. They can no longer be charged by businesses. We’ve broken down the details into two sections; what can and cannot be charged.

Not Allowed

Businesses cannot demand extra for using card as a method of payment. This covers any amount, big or small.


Businesses can add the card surcharge they would usually add-on separately, to the headline price. E.g. Price £10.00 + card fees £0.50 is not allowed. But business can now charge £10.50 as their new price.

Extra fees that have nothing to do with the way you pay can still be charged. This can be disguised as extra charges e.g. choosing an airline seat or premium cinema seat etc.

This means business can now charge ‘service charge’. This has been used by takeaway app Just Eat – they changed their 50p ‘card fees’ now to be described as a 50p ‘service charge’.


Non-compliance to this new card surcharge rule by 13th January, can result in businesses being reported to the Trading Standards Authority.

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