Time is indeed precious, especially when you are running a business. This is because as a resource time is something that you pay for directly and so how well or poorly it is used will impact your bottom line. With that in mind, getting on top of any poor uses of time in the workplace is essential for your long-term success. Keep reading to find the biggest culprits and what to do about them below.

Equipment failure

A great deal of time can be wasted in the workplace when employees do not have access to the equipment they need to get the job done efficiently due to breakdown. For example, if you expect a carpenter to make a shelf, they will need a chisel, saw, mallet, and nails. However, if they get halfway through their project and find the chisel to be broken or not sharp enough, they will have to stop to rectify this.

Of course, a carpenter will have the tools to fix the problem themselves but this is rarely the case in a business. Instead, your employees will need to wait for a physical repair person, a new piece of equipment, losing further time when work cannot be completed.

With that in mind, robust checking maintenance and replacement policy for equipment are needed. Also, be sure that you regularly invest in upgrades as well as these can ensure even better productivity and prevent time losses.

Tech failure

Similar to equipment breakdown, failure of tech in your business can result in massive losses of time. An all too common example of this is in an office where the internet or phone connection goes down. A situation that leaves workers not able to do anything but sit by and wait for service to be restored!

The good news is there are some strategies you can use to make sure that any problems are quickly resolved. In particular, using a Hosted Telephony with all-inclusive technical support can be very helpful, as you only need to contact them once to get your issue resolved, and won’t end up wasting further time being passed from pillar to post until you hit on the right person for the specific problem you are experiencing.

The hell of emails

If your business operates an email open and notifications on at all time policy, you are likely wasting significant amounts of precious time during the day. The reason for this is that every time an email appears, or your employees choose to navigate away from what they are doing to check if any emails have arrived, they remove focus from the task at hand.

Unfortunately, this means it will take them some time to get back into the flow of what they were doing, thereby operating on reduced productivity in the meantime. To that end, where possible encourage your workers to shut down emails and only open them at specific times of the day. If this isn’t viable then turning off notifications can help prevent distraction and the same goes for instant messaging functions as well.

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