When it comes to websites, you really need to make sure that yours is modern. Whether you run a blog or a business, a modern site helps enhance your appeal. Not only that, but people expect to see a modern site because there are others out there leading the way.

Now, you may think your site is nice and contemporary, but I’m here to say you’re wrong. In fact, your website really isn’t as modern as you think, and here’s why:

It’s Not Optimized For Mobile Devices

Your website might look modern, and you may impress people with its design, but is it optimized for mobile devices? Do you have a responsive web design that allows your site to alter its appearance and format to fit smaller screens? If not, then your website is nowhere near as modern as you think. Nowadays, it’s essential you have a mobile website, or else you miss out on most of the people surfing the web. If your site tries to load up a massive page designed for desktops, on a mobile device, then it reeks of amateur behaviour. You need a mobile-optimized site, or your website will never be modern.

There’s No Interactivity

A major thing that really separates modern websites from others is that they have a level of interactivity on them. This means there are elements on each page that are interactive for users. It could be a button they press to show or hide some content, it could be a slideshow that goes through different images, and so on. This interactivity is made possible when your site uses JavaScript. As such, if you want to add these elements to your site, then you can learn javascript with Training Connection and gain all the right skills. Sites with no interactivity tend to just feel very bland and static. It’s something you truly notice if you compare two similar sites side by side, but one is interactive, and the other isn’t. Web users enjoy interactivity, so you need to cater to that.

Your Pages Have No Transitions

In the past, it was enough for your website to just jump from page to page when someone clicked on the relevant links/buttons. Now, the modern design trend is page transitions. This means that when someone moves onto a different page, they get a nice smooth transition that almost hies the fact the page is loading up. It looks so good (when done right) and can seriously improve the overall feel of a website. If your site is still doing the old way of loading pages, then I’m sorry, but it’s not as modern as you think it is!

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Don’t get me wrong, you can still have a good website even if you’re missing one or two things from this list. However, the purpose of this post was to show you the different modern trends in the website world. Hopefully, this shows you that your site still has room for improvement, meaning you can make it even better than before.

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