Since the start of the pandemic, the UK has recorded a record growth in digital businesses. Over 85,000 businesses have established their online presence between March and July 2020. In some cases, the business shifted existing processes and operations online. But, more often than not, aspiring entrepreneurs and enthusiastic side hustlers have seized the opportunity to launch their venture. The digital competition has been growing significantly for businesses of all sizes. So, perhaps, it isn’t surprising to find that your presence hasn’t grown as fast as expected.  Here are some surprising reasons why your digital business stagnates.

Yet, it’s fair to say that the pandemic competition is not going anywhere. Therefore, now’s the time for digital ventures to remove some of their most damaging growth obstacles. Indeed, when digital presence could stagnate for a variety of reasons, such as marketing budget, seasonality, or unappealing pricing. Yet, you may be ignoring some challenges that would be easy to resolve. 

#1. Your presence requires too much broadband width

Over 90% of the UK population has access to an Internet connection. According to the Telecom Industry data, Internet penetration in Great Britain is high. However, not all Internet connections are the same. A lot of British businesses fail to consider the quality of the connection that their audience uses. It may come as a surprise, but the UK internet speed is among the slowest in the developed world. What does it mean for your web traffic? Ultimately, creating pages that take too long to load will lead to high bounce and exit rates. Singapore tops the charts with an average fixed download speed of 195.2Mbps. Comparatively, the UK ranks low. It’s so low that it’s even below the global average of 74.74Mps. 

#2. You are competing against many websites

As mentioned, four months into the first lockdown in 2020, over 85,000 UK businesses launched online. Needless to say, the figure has been growing steadily throughout 2020. This means a LOT of online competition. Thankfully, users are more active online which gives you a broader range of activities to capture their attention. But, the lockdown has changed digital interactions. The attention span online is dropping significantly as a result of pandemic fatigue. It is understandable when you consider that most professionals spend the majority of their working time online. Therefore, you need to make sure your content can get seen and consumed easily. 

Another significant transformation has to do with smart technology. At home, people are more likely to rely on voice search, asking Google or Alexa to assist with their queries. As such, the pandemic is changing the voice search vs. typed search ratio, requiring websites to adjust their SEO strategies to capture new queries. 

#3. You try to do it alone

Why work alone when you can build a network of influencers, advocates, and sponsors around your online presence? Social media influencers can help reach out to a broad market group, for instance. Guest posts and partnerships can ensure strong backlinks that can increase your reach and reputation. The bottom line: Digital business is all about working together rather than building an isolated presence. 

Giving your online presence the means to grow begins with understanding your challenges. You may not be in a position to compete against large brands. But you can create a website that is easy to load, easy to find, and easy to trust. These simple things can make a huge difference.

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