Marketing is an industry that can appeal to anyone. You may be a graduate looking for an industry where your skills will easily transfer. Or, you may have built a successful career and are looking for a change. 

As a creative and highly social industry, marketing brings many people together and is much more than a desk job. This means that you need to know more about marketing if you want to do well and progress quickly. It helps to know what is in store for you as the prospective marketing executive.

Everything Keeps Changing

Marketing is often about finding new ways to reach the best target audience with the right message. As a result, the whole landscape keeps changing. In the digital age, that landscape can shift monumentally with a small change to the infamous Google algorithm. This means that you should be prepared to engage in continuous learning. This can occur by doing digital marketing courses with Squared Online, going to industry-related conferences or basic in-house training sessions.

Keeping up with current marketing trends is vital for any executive who wants to remain competitive. This doesn’t just mean staying on top of the regular news. It also means keeping up with the news of your clients’ industries. Prepare yourself for having to manage a lot of information and data.

Everything is Social

The marketing world has really taken off with the internet and now, everything is social. For example, you may think your campaign is centered around making a cool video. But what your focus should be on is creating a video that is shared by as many people as possible. Keeping up with the zeitgeist is essential.

The digital world, however, is only one plane of existence. As a marketing exec, you also will need to prepare to mingle at various events. Whether you are representing your own firm or your client, having the essential social skills is a must.

Nothing is as You Would Expect

With the constant changes and the need for relevance, no industry is as quirky and weird as the marketing industry. Fine ideas are all very well. But you must add that one strange detail or flip something upside down to make it more appealing. You must think so far outside the box that it folds itself up and puts itself into storage.

The great thing about this is that no idea is necessarily a bad idea. If being creative is your thing, then this industry may suit you. Prepare yourself for meetings that may require you to reinvent the wheel.

The marketing industry is wide and varied. Almost every other industry requires some form of marketing. One moment, you could be going from a cool and trendy project with a bar. The next moment, you could be working on a fun way to sell toner within a week. Keep up, kid, this is going to be a lot of fun!


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