These days, blogging is more than just a hobby for millions of people around the world. It’s turned into an industry that’s extremely popular because of how easily you can get yourself heard, and many companies around the world tend to use bloggers as a way of promoting themselves because of that exact reason.

There’s more to blogging than simply uploading content and hoping for the best.

It takes hard work, dedication, and often a lot of frustration until you achieve your desired results. Struggling in the blogging industry? Take a look at these 3 tools that can help accelerate and grow your blog into a successful business.

SEO, SEO & more SEO

For those that don’t know, SEO stands for search engine optimisation. This is basically making sure that your blog fits the bill for search engine results. Think about when you need to find a piece of information, you head to a search engine and type in certain keywords right? Whenever you’re writing a blog post, make sure that you’re thinking of all the different variations of keywords that you should be using. This will increase your chances of ranking higher in search engine results. Creed marketing can offer assistance with your SEO knowledge and help you grow your blog through the simple use of this very effective tool. Definitely worth the investment to help your blog progress to the next level.

Social media

We all know social media for it’s capabilities of keeping us in touch with those that we would have otherwise lost contact with. It also poses a plethora of opportunities to promote yourself as a blogger and as a business. As you have probably already seen, a post on social media can go viral in a matter of hours, and this could happen to your blog if you’re clever about using social media. Each individual platform has a different algorithm. But once you’ve captured the knack of it, you will soon begin to notice how much social media has an impact on your traffic to your blog. You can download apps to help you schedule your posts so that you’re not constantly glued to the computer, so make sure that you’re utilising social media!

Tracking your stats

You may feel like the statistics that you’re getting on your blog are for you to enjoy. However, it greatly impacts the chance of being contacted by outside companies to collaborate. Your DA (domain authority) is public for anyone to search, so there’s no way around fibbing to get the work that you want. Keeping track of your stats using Google Analytics can help you see when you’re dipping traffic wise and also help give you tips on how you can improve the statistics that you are achieving.

Blogging is a forever changing industry, but if you stick to these three tools you can rest assured that the basics of your blog are being done right. Make sure you’re keeping up with latest news in the world of blogging to continue improving your blog and your business!

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