As the owner of a business, you should plan for everything. Some things can easily be planned for as you can predict them. Other things are less easy for you to make plans for. We call these things unexpected situations that may derail your business.

This ranges from things like natural disasters to a market crash – and everything else that could happen out of the blue. 

If you can’t plan for these things, then is your business doomed? Of course not, you may be unable to predict if these things will happen, but you can still put plans in place to protect yourself in a worst-case scenario. 

1. Implement a disaster recovery plan

Make sure everyone in your company knows what to do when disaster strikes. The mistake many small business owners make is that they have no recovery plan in place. Think about what your business will do if something bad happens. Have all the steps mapped out, and tell your team about them. Then, if the worst does occur, you can consult the recovery plan to see what needs to be done. You can act fast, which is the best way to combat unexpected events. If you leave it too late to react, then the damage can be irreversible. 

2. Safeguard your company from natural disasters

A natural disaster can wreak havoc on your business. For example, a fire can burn down your office and destroy all of your equipment. Similarly, a flood may do the same thing. You’re left with no premises, and your business comes to a halt. Thankfully, you can protect yourself against a lot of natural disasters. Install things like fire curtains and fireproof doors to stop fires from blazing through your building. Get floodproofing equipment to stop water from getting into your office and damaging all your equipment. If you put these types of safety measures in place, then you can prevent a natural disaster from causing significant problems. 

3. Expect the unexpected

Whenever you make plans, expect the unexpected. If you’re launching a new product, then think about things that could potentially go wrong. If you’re moving to a new office, then consider all the negative possibilities. It sounds like you’re living in a paranoid state of mind, but the truth is that you’re preparing for worst-case scenarios. If you never think about these things, then they’re more of a shock to you when they happen. Hopefully, they won’t even occur. Whenever you make plans, things will go smoothly. But, if you want to protect yourself from unexpected things, then you have to expect them. Consider all possibilities and put things in place to cover them – just in case. 


These three ideas show two main approaches to this issue. Firstly, you have to try and prevent unexpected things from causing issues in your business. Secondly, you have to try and recover from them as quickly as possible. For all your prevention, there will still be things that are almost impossible to stop. In these cases, the disaster recovery plan becomes crucial!


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