Well sorry to start on a downer but we are only on this earth for a limited amount of time. Money we earn will go to waste when we die so why not leave behind a legacy.

Why not change the earth or at least make small steps towards it.

What is it?

A social enterprise runs the same way any normal business does except they aim to change the world and give back. They can aim to make money or be not for profit, as long as profits are reinvested into the benefit of society. For a more detailed definition refer to this article.


People start social enterprises for millions of reasons but money can only create so much happiness. What about the homeless that were handed a hard life or children in Africa with little access to clean water. Imagine the happiness on a thousand children whose school or neighbourhood you have improved.

Give yourself a challenge

Find something that is close to your heart and go for it. Maybe a homeless person has told you a story which inspired you or you went to a country where you saw people much worse off than you and it has made you think you can help them.

Help out

Corporate social responsibility is a big topic on many agenda’s. It creates a ‘good’ look for companies in consumer’s eyes. After all we don’t do business with businesses; we do business with people we like. Most companies are doing their best to avoid seeming evil and those that do reap the rewards from good press to large share values.

Lead by example

As cliché as it sounds why not inspire a generation. In today’s world of doom and gloom it is easy to think that you have to look after only yourself but it is so much more beneficial to take small steps to making the world a better place and encouraging others to follow footsteps. We all want to be the next Steve Jobs but what about the next large social enterprise owner. The world needs philanthropists.

Educate yourself

To grow as a person you need to stick your head out and try new things. Embarking on a social enterprise will take you on a unique journey where you can learn a lot about the world around you and also find out more about yourself. Stretch yourself, do things you never thought possible, take risks and enjoy the rewards.


So all in all it a great idea to try and it will open you up to so many possibilities and a great, happy, fulfilling life.

If you have an interest to start up a social enterprise, www.socialenterprise.org.uk may help answer some of your questions. They are the national body for social enterprise. They represent members in order to support and help grow the social enterprise movement.

Source for featured photo & video: www.socialenterprise.org.uk

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