There’s a good chance that your business relies on equipment in this day and age, whether that be computers or heavy machinery. Equipment failure can impact your revenue or cause harm to the workforce, leaving you liable to more issues. Regular equipment maintenance is essential to keep your business running smoothly, and it’s mostly managed through CMMS or, more recently, Intelligent Maintenance Management Platforms (IMMP).  

Throughout this article, we will discuss why regular equipment maintenance is important.


Before jumping into the whys, let’s take a quick look at how you can manage maintenance in the first place. CMMS stands for Computerised Maintenance Management Software and quite literally does what it says on the tin – manages the maintenance of your equipment. If you want to dive beneath the surface, you can find out more about CMMS and tons of other useful information on the Infraspeak blog. For those interested, they also offer an Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform used by the likes of SIEMENS.

You can think of it like this: while a CMMS centralises all your information, an IMMP goes a step further and turns collected data into actionable insights, intelligent suggestions and automation.

Extend Life

Now that you know how to manage your maintenance, it’s time to look at why. Most obviously, equipment needs regular maintenance to increase its lifespan. Having your equipment last longer will save you money because you won’t need to purchase replacements. 

Keep Moving

Maintaining your equipment will keep your production moving and will avoid any unplanned downtime, and will save you a fortune. As an example, it is estimated that unplanned IT failures can cost businesses anywhere up to £83,000 per hour. As you can imagine, if your systems go offline due to your negligent maintenance, you will only have yourself to blame, and you won’t be able to apply for any loss of earnings through insurances. 

Cover Your Back

Carrying out regular repairs and keeping adequate records will cover your back in case you need to claim on any insurance or warranty. It works the same way as a court hearing – if there’s no evidence, it didn’t happen. 

Storing physical paper records can be time-consuming, expensive, and cause fire risks. Luckily, the majority of management software include storage facilities. However, you should always back your files up onto another medium just in case anything comes back to bite you. 

What Repairs?

Calling out engineers to repair your equipment can be expensive, and can often be as much as a replacement. Make sure you avoid expensive repairs by keeping on top of your maintenance. Regular maintenance can be as simple as keeping your equipment clean and storing it correctly. Furthermore, you can install software, on top of regular maintenance, that will sense when faults are occurring so that you don’t have to wait for your machinery to break.

Regular equipment maintenance is important and plays a vital role in keeping your business afloat and ensuring everyone’s safety. Through CMMS, you can rest assured that you will have adequate records in the event of warranty disputes, the life of your machinery will be extended, and you won’t have to invest in repairs or new equipment.

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