Never thought you could be a salesman? Watch how Kenny Brooks sells his all-purpose cleaning product door-to-door, simply using his comical personality. 


What can we learn from Kenny Brooks?

1) Always have FABs. FAB is an acronym for Features And Benefits. When selling a product/service you state the feature (e.g. this all-in-one cleaning spray allows the user to get rid of stains on tarmac), then relate the feature to the user (e.g. you’ll be able to get rid of those stains on your driveway tarmac).

2) Use comedy to sell a product. Associating happiness and positive attributes to a product, is always an ice-breaker allowing your serious product FAB’s to begin.

3) Believe in your product/service. Brooks relates to the product himself to signify that he uses the product. This makes the customer believe in the product that bit more.

4) Interact with your customer. Along with his hilarious jokes, Brooks high-fives his customers several times, which breaks the stranger barrier and slightly steps into the friendly barrier.  One is more likely to feel comfortable to part with his/her money when dealing with a friendly character rather than a stranger.

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