Working with a new supplier can always go one of two ways and to ensure that you don’t waste time with suppliers who are going to let you down. You want to have the ability to choose and act in the right way. Here are some tips when working with a new supplier.

1. Do Your Research Before Working With Them

Firstly, there are a lot of suppliers out there just waiting to be picked up by your company. However, it’s important to do your research so that you can find the right one who has a good reputation. They also need to be able to provide the right experience to provide what you need from them.

So take a look at their previous client work and also look for client reviews to get a good understanding of whether they’ve impressed their clients or not. The best suppliers will put up reviews that are great and perhaps more constructive. If there are no negative reviews, then it’s worth digging deeper because some might hide them. Look for established companies whether you’re looking to get a badge kit for your marketing or manufacturers for your products.

2. Get An Account Manager

An account manager is essential to you getting the right information and speeding up processes when needed. In any typical supplier to company relationship, you’ll often be assigned an account manager. That way, if you have any issues, you can go straight to them by emailing or phoning them up, without having to go through the generic contact. Make sure that this happens and that the account manager you get is actually good at responding and querying any concerns you have about the service you’re getting.

3. Keep Up Communication

Communication is important because it avoids any mixed wires being crossed in the process of your partnership. Like it’s been mentioned before about an account manager, there needs to be a constant balance of communication, and if you’re not working hard to maintain the communication on your side, then there’s likely to be problems that occur because of that.

Make the effort to get in touch every so often and not just to alert a problem. Just a simple email at the start of the month to update them on any progress or any dates where you might be unavailable is useful for them to know if it’s needed.

4. Do A Quarterly Or Yearly Review

Every so often, just like you’d review your budgets or staff, it’s worth doing a quarterly or annual review of your suppliers. This is just a good opportunity to check that you’re still getting value for your money and that there’s been plenty of positive outcomes from working with said supplier. It’s also good for the supplier to report back on anything that they found to be problematic. Being on the same page is essential to make sure things are ticking along.


Working with a new supplier should always be a process that’s diligent and worked on constantly to make strong.


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