When starting a new business, developing good relationships with the people who work for you is essential to getting your start-up off to the best beginnings.

With employees who are loyal to your company and on board with actively encouraging business development and growth, your company will quickly start to see a range of positive results. In order to ensure good employee satisfaction in your workplace, it’s essential to build good relationships with your team workers. Here are some top tips for improving the employer/employee relationships in your company.  

1. Invest in futures

As an employer and a leader, you have the power to help your employees go further in life.. Today, one of the main things that makes an employer attractive to potential new candidates is whether or not they offer any opportunities for training and development. For example, you could give your employees the opportunity to complete a diploma or relevant college degree. Or, any on-the-job training program that will help your employees go further in their career is a sure way to earn more respect and employee loyalty. 

2. Be open and approachable

Cultivate a strong relationship with each of your team members by encouraging honest and open communication both with yourself and amongst the team. A boss who shuts themselves in the office all day, every day with no time for the people working for him can have a very negative effect on the overall workplace morale and atmosphere. Being approachable and available to your employees will help to improve satisfaction levels since your team will know they can come to you with ideas, suggestions, worries and anything else. Your employees are the backbone of your company, and if you’ve hired the right people, it’s definitely worth listening to what they have to say. 

3. Encourage fun and laughter

Many studies have demonstrated that a happy, positive work environment tends to be a precursor to improved job satisfaction, higher productivity levels, and stronger working relationships. Never be afraid to be the kind of leader who is always up for taking a break and having some fun with his team. Organising fun days at the weekend, keeping everybody motivated with small competitions throughout the working day, or simply providing a chill out area for employees can promote a healthier relationship between yourself and the team. 

4. Organise team building events

A team that works well together will always be happier, more motivated and more productive at work. Taking an active approach to building and nurturing your team is one of the best investments that you can make in the people who make your business what it is. Team Tactics treasure hunts, for example, are a great way for your employees to spend some time having fun and getting to know one another outside of the office environment. And, most team building events such as this include interesting activities that will help everybody improve their team-work skills in a fun and pressure-free way. 

5. Take a personal interest

Although keeping your work and personal life is usually always the best policy, a good leader knows that it’s not always impossible to keep personal issues completely separate from the office. Be prepared for employees to go through times of personal hardship in their lives; whether it’s issues with health, money or family, an employer who is there for them and offers them support can make a huge difference to how they feel about the job. Being an approachable boss who’s always ready to lend an ear if an employee is going through a tough time will earn you admiration and respect. 

To achieve peak productivity from your team, you will need to build a good relationship with your workers!  

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