Having an understanding of electrical systems is a skill that is in much higher demand than many may imagine. If you have a solid foundation as an electrician or electrical engineer, chances are you’ll be able to find someone who needs your services somewhere on the planet. We’ll discuss business ideas for electricians and those who are in the electrical engineering sector.

While you can always decide to go for the 9 to 5, a larger number of people entering the field today do so with the intention of becoming entrepreneurs. An electrician or engineer background is one of the best things you can have if you want to start a business in this current climate. There are tons of ways that you can do so. Let’s take a look at some great business ideas for electricians and electrical engineers.

Start an Electrician Business

This is usually one of the first business ideas electricians think about. It’s still one of the simplest to start. However, you need to have the right formation, and you might need to specialise yourself if you want to work on certain projects.  You might also need extra certification to register with a competent persons scheme or the new ECS Check system.

This is why we suggest you look at electrician training courses offered by organisations like the Skills Training Group. They have courses for every level, whether you just got your certification or are an advanced engineer. Their courses are recognised all over the UK, and they’ve received an approved centre accreditation by City & Guilds. Their courses will give you all the certification needed to work on projects of any size and be compliant with all the latest regulations.

Work with or Start a Toy Company

The wide majority of toys today have some sort of electrical component to it. Whether it’s a robot puppy, remote control car, or a toy lightsabre, chances are an electrical engineer worked on it. This is why your formation as an electrical engineer could give you a leg up in this industry.

However, that doesn’t mean that you absolutely have to patent your own line of toys to be successful. One of the ways electrical engineers can start a business in the toy industry is by building components for toy manufacturers. Another way to work with toy companies is to be a consultant on things like toy safety, for instance.

Toys are tightly regulated, and manufacturers have to abide by all sorts of rules for their toys to be compliant. If you’re able to help manufacturers make safe toys and make sure that their toys are up to standard, you could make a lot of money in this industry.

Become a Teacher

There are many ways that you can use your expertise and experience in the business and teach the next generation. One of the easiest ways to make an income as an electrical engineer is through transition, modification, editing, and teaching. People will be ready to pay top dollar to learn some of the things you’ve mastered through the years, and the education field allows you to sell your knowledge to the highest bidder. Whether it’s holding workshops, selling courses on online education platforms, or starting a class in your area, there are tons of ways that you can turn your knowledge into a business.

Work in Research and Development

R&D is just as important than ever, and introducing new technologies means new diagnostics, trials, and testing. And you as an electrical engineer will be perfectly positioned to help with these.

You could become a consultant and help companies evaluate, correct, or revise products and/or components. You could find issues that make manufacturing more difficult or ways to make the item more reliable. Or, you could find ways to simplify designs to make products easier to manufacture. You might be asked to work on virtually all types of products that have some sort of electronic component, but you may routinely ask to work on things such as lighting, control panels, circuitry, or more.

Get into the Auto Industry

There are plenty of opportunities for people with an electrician and electrical engineering background in the automotive industry. A large portion of systems in vehicles are now electronic in nature, and mechanics who don’t have a solid understanding of electrical components are left behind. With this sort of background, you’ll be able to identify issues in a fraction of the time it would take the average mechanic. You’ll also be qualified to work on much more complex vehicles and have the perfect background to work on electric vehicles as well.

There are tons of opportunities and business ideas for electricians and those from an electrical engineering background. All you need to do is look around, be open, and consider all the options that are open to you.

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