The day-to-day challenges of running a small business are, almost invariably, enough to distract one from those large, all-consuming tasks and concerns which are absolutely vital to supporting the business through growth. In essence, while growth is the goal, putting those supports in place in order to facilitate that growth is difficult given the demands of business ownership. Here are 5 signs your business needs professional legal support.

Of course, for any business – small or large – one of the most important factors to take into consideration is how they intend to understand, and protect themselves from, legal difficulties which can and do arise for businesses that are unequipped to prevent them. 

Here, prevention is the key not only to the longevity of your business, but also its ability to grow and develop. Read more below.  

1. You have employees and need employment contracts

Employment law is, as the name suggests, an entire branch of law dedicated to ensuring fairness for employers and their employees. From creating a safe and non-discriminatory workplace to drawing up even-handed contracts, the difficulties of navigating legal issues in the workplace is something that can only be done effectively with the help of an experienced solicitor to hand. 

2. You have IP to protect

A business’s intellectual property represents one of its most important assets and, like any asset, it must be sufficiently protected against those who might steal or copy it for personal gain. 

As with employment law, intellectual property law is a highly complex area – one that can have significant and lasting negative consequences for you and your business if it is not handled with care and expertise. 

It is, of course, all too easy for small business owners to presume that IP law remains a little above their remit. However, the Chambers-rated firm Willans, a solicitors in Cheltenham with significant experience in intellectual property protection, have worked with global corporations and start-ups alike – proof that no one can afford to overlook this vital area of law. 

3. You want to get a commercial premises

Acquiring commercial premises holds many parallels with looking for a domestic property – most notably, the fact that both require the guidance of an experienced solicitor. 

Whether you are looking to purchase a commercial property, or open a long- or short-term lease on behalf of your business, navigating the complexities of obtaining a commercial premises (and ensuring fair and manageable terms) is only possible with the help of an experienced firm. 

4. You’re involved in a dispute

Nobody likes getting into disputes but, unfortunately, when the financial and emotional investment is as high as it is in business, they are all too easy to stumble into. 

Problems at work can easily impact not only your professional life, but also your personal life, as we are all keenly aware than one misstep can have significant consequences for your business’s finances, reputation, and future.

An experienced legal professional will be able to advise you at every turn, ensuring that you do not say or do anything that could land you in hot water – and that the outcome is fair for you.

5. You don’t have commercial contracts in place

Like money, commercial contracts make the world of business go round. They ensure a fair experience for all parties concerned, and make certain that agreements made at the beginning of a venture are upheld by the end of it. In this way, they keep your business from being shunted or mistreated by others, and enable you to get a peaceful night’s sleep during periods of change or development. 

Commercial contracts are, like any contract, highly nuanced documents, and only an expert legal professional or team will be able to confirm that what you are signing meets with your expectations.

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