One of the first things people will ask you after passing your driving test is, ‘Where will you go first?’ And while you probably have some grand plans to take a road trip or take your mates to the nearest drive-through, it will pay off in the long run if you do some smart things instead.

Being a little more sensible with your driving will pay off in the long run. It will stop you from getting some early points on your licence (and as a new driver, you can only get 6 points in your first 2 years), and will help you learn to be a safer, better driver.

Raring to go after tearing off the L plates? Here are 5 smart things to do after passing your test.

1. Drive with an experienced driver

After passing your test, it’s a good idea to spend some time in the car with another, more experienced driver. They can help give you confidence while you’re in the car, as well as give you some helpful driving tips. It can also be helpful to have someone who knows the way to different places while you get used to different routes.

2. Consider a ‘Pass Plus’ course

A lot of new drivers find it useful to complete a Pass Plus after passing their test. Pass Plus is designed to help you drive in different conditions, including town centres, dual carriageways, driving at night and on motorways. As well as covering some of the things you might not have learned during your standard driving lessons, Pass Plus can also help reduce your insurance costs.

3. Make sure you know what to do if an accident happens

Driving on your own can be nerve-wracking, but it will help you feel more at ease if you know what to do if an accident happens. Firstly, make sure you pack some emergency car supplies you can use in case of an accident. Ensure you know the details of your insurance and breakdown cover too.

If you are in an accident, don’t panic! Note down as much as you can and get in touch with your insurer. It’s also helpful to have the details of car accidents lawyers in case you need some legal help. With all the contact details to hand, you’ll have what you need in case you’re faced with an emergency.

4. Take good care of your car

Looking after your car doesn’t just mean keeping the tank full or the car clean. It means regular maintenance to ensure it’s working as it should. From knowing how to take care of your tyres to topping up oil and water, these simple skills can help keep your car running smoothly.

5. Enjoy spending time working on your driving skills

The first weeks and months after passing your test give you the perfect opportunity to work on your driving skills. Take the time to practice by driving down some familiar routes, but also by exploring some new places. Stay safe and observe the rules of the road.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy yourself after passing your driving test. Just whatever you do, do it safely and smartly to help make you a better driver in the future.

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