When we hear the words ‘kerb appeal’, we often think of houses. However, kerb appeal applies to commercial properties as well. Enhancing a business’s kerb appeal involves creating an enticing, fresh look that draws customers into your business. But how do you enhance your business’s kerb appeal to attract more customers? Here are some of our top tips to help you:

1. Update Your External Signs

One of the best ways to improve your business’s kerb appeal is to update the external signs. There are lots of options available to you when it comes to choosing signs for your business, but research has shown that the best type of sign is acrylic. Weatherall Equipment and Instruments stock a range of acrylic products that are perfect for commercial display window applications. Not only that, but they also put their customers first, and believe in talking to their customers about their wants and needs, to make sure these needs are met. 

2. Eye-Catching Window Displays

Eye-catching window displays can be used to tempt customers at all times during the year, not just during the festive seasons. Stock your window displays with some of the products you sell or tempt customers in with sale signs – both of these things can help to coax customers to enter your business. It’s also important to regularly change your window displays to keep regular passers-by interested in your business. 

3. Storefront Upkeep

Your storefront is an extension of your brand. You must keep it both clean and tidy if you want to attract new customers to your business. Make sure you clean the windows, doors, and signs, and touch up any peeling paintwork. 

4. Parking

If you have a dedicated parking lot for your business, you will need to make sure that it’s in good condition. Repair damaged pavements and remove visible weeds. You will want to make sure that your parking area is both visible and clear for your customers. 

If you don’t have a parking lot for your business, consider including a sign outside your store that tells your customers about the nearby parking options. The less effort it takes to enter your store, the more customers you’re likely to attract. 

5. Put Some Greenery Out Front

Another brilliant way to enhance the kerb appeal of your business is to add some greenery outside. A couple of planters or hanging baskets at either side of the door can really improve the look of a business. Not only that, but it also shows customers that you care about your business too.

Although it’s what goes on inside of your business that matters when it comes to gaining new customers and generating sales, customers won’t choose to enter your business and find out what you have on offer if the exterior isn’t up to par. This means that the kerb appeal of your business is exceptionally important. If the kerb appeal of your business is putting your customers off entering, why not try out some of the suggestions we’ve listed above?

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