It’s easy to give someone a tap on the back or tell them they’re doing a good job. Giving negative feedback however can be difficult,

so here are six ways of doing so effectively.

1) Don’t make it a regular thing.

If you constantly fire criticism and complaints at your staff you will demotivate them. They won’t want to work for your or with you. Make sure you give more positive feedback than negative. Don’t forget that motivating them enough with positives will probably help you avoid the need to give negative feedback.

2) Don’t wait and stock up on negative feedback.

Your feedback will be more effective if given instantly. Do not wait for ‘the right moment’ and stock up on negative feedback, your staff can easily be overwhelmed with a list of negatives. Give feedback as and when required.

3) Include compliments.

Try to include honest compliments in your negative feedback, such as ‘The design is great, but it doesn’t match the brief we were given.’

This person is more likely to take your feedback on board if you motivate then whilst giving the negative feedback.

4) Make sure you listen.

Most people can’t learn unless they’ve been heard out, make sure you listen to your staff or partners when giving them negative feedback and make sure they know you understand.

5) Model the behaviour you want your staff to have.

Feedback is pointless if you do not act a model to the values you want your staff to have. Make sure you set an example to your staff or partners. Look into your own faults as well as the faults of your staff and fix them.

6. Be open to accepting feedback.

If you really do believe that feedback is important and necessary, you should be ready and willing to accept it.
Feedback from your staff can be extremely valuable and make you a better manager.

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