In this article we will explore seven of our favourite cybersecurity tips for entrepreneurs. Will be providing you with an array of improvements and suggestions to improve and prevent any cyber incidents

1.   Prefer a Secure network

Using openly available WIFI’s can be a major threat to your information as it can easily be accessed by cybercriminals via packet sniffing.

All of your confidential data can be stolen along with your surfing habits. Invest in a good VPN to conceal your IP address. According to ExpressVPN’s guide on what is a VPN, VPNs or Virtual Private Networks prioritize anonymity by concealing your internet address and making your own private network to use.

This tool makes it almost impossible for anyone to track your browsing and/or trace your network and this data encryption is ideal especially for entrepreneurial transactions and payments. Your history, location, and the devices you are using are all hidden when a VPN is used which makes it an excellent security tool.

2.   Use Cloud-based Backups

Usually, entrepreneurs resort to filing their important information and data in the form of hard copies and documents which eventually leads to piles of unwanted paper that you have to sift through to access. Cataloging and filing your data virtually is a far smarter and accessible option however it may be at the risk of getting hacked.

You can possibly lose most of your important documents which without a backup will definitely be lost forever. Opt for cloud-based backup software that is already integrated with cyber-security and have additional features that will make your information safer. This will guarantee security to all your private information and instead of sifting through piles of paperwork, the cloud-based backup will make all your information accessible at just a touch of a finger.

3.   Use Advanced Software

The digital market is brimming with digital software that promises to protect your entrepreneurial data at a certain cost however there are some that simply rip you off to milk the dollar out of your pocket and give you no security at all. This software will lull you into a false sense of security when actually your data may still be at risk of being stolen. It is advised to read up and do your researches before investing in a trusted, developed, and updated app. Check customer forums and read reviews to truly gauge whether your chosen software is really worth the money or a scam trying to steal your data and money. Ensure that your chosen app is not only equipped with tools that are optimized especially for entrepreneurs but also has ample protection and cloud-based backups.

4.   Regular Security Audits

Every software needs regular security sweeps to ensure everything is working smoothly and there are no weak links that may attract potential dangers. If these sweeps are not executed; again your information is at risk of being exposed if perhaps there is some inadequacy in your security system. It is better to be safe than sorry which is why entrepreneurs should prioritize investing in good Red and blue teams that will act as hackers and try to identify vulnerabilities in the system and patch them up. These security audits will help in strengthening your security and making sure there are no faults or potential gaps in your security system.

5.   Trained Staff

Whilst other points mentioned above can be universally used amongst individuals, these next few sentences are most relevant as cybersecurity tips for entrepreneurs. Untrained and inexperienced staff may be liabilities when it comes to your business as they may share private information on forums that can easily be manipulated by hackers. This will eventually lead to the release of confidential and private customer and business data that will be a potential threat to both your burgeoning business and your clientele. To avoid this situation, draw up detailed and mandatory training programs to teach your employees the basics of cybersecurity and give them a rundown of the type of problems they may face and their solutions.

Inform them of the multiple ways they can accidentally expose sensitive information such as over phone calls or using the same password to log in to public devices. Let your staff be aware of the dangers of cybercrime and how to proceed if it occurs.

6.   Create Multiple Backups

If somehow your data is infiltrated and exposed, you may lose all your important files and documents if you have not created several backups. This may be a major loss for your business since not only will you lose your entire asset, finance, project history but also important documents, invoices, and customer databases as well as their contacts.

This could lead to a damaged reputation and losing consumer trust not to mention the amount of time and money that will be spent on trying to recover those files. Be smart and create multiple backups in different, encrypted software so even if you lose one, you will still have access to all your information. You can even opt to create a physical copy or downloading all your information into a portable USB.

7.   Password Management

Using the same password to login to multiple sites can be a potential threat as hackers may figure out your password and email through multiple combinations and gain access to important information.
You will not only lose access to your entrepreneurial data and accounts but also your personal and social accounts as well which can have disastrous consequences. To avoid this situation, invest in password managers that will not only create a secure password for you but further create security questions to ensure all your data is safe. These applications will formulate difficult and tricky to memorize combinations of numbers, alphabets, and symbols to ensure nobody can guess or steal your unique password.


That summarises our cybersecurity tips for entrepreneurs. In a nutshell, if own a bourgeoning business and are creating plans to digitalize it; make sure you don’t forget to use adequate security tactics such as encrypting your data and creating multiple backups to avoid data loss. Whether that is avoiding third-party hacking software or losing your customer database, it is advised to be safe rather than sorry when it comes to securing your information. Work smart and utilize these 7 strategies to make sure your business reaches the pinnacles of success without worrying about cybercrime.

Do you have any cybersecurity tips for entrepreneurs? If so comment below.

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