Many companies are trying to streamline their processes and get by with fewer resources. This can lead to intense workloads, staff juggling multiple roles and a lot of workplace stress. Sometimes making you feel like a multi-tasking octopus. If this sounds like your office, then you need to find ways to increase productivity in the office. Try these simple solutions to get more done.

1. List your crucial results for the day 

Start the day by going through your ‘To-Do’ list and finding the three things that are absolutely crucial to be done today to move forward projects and goals. Focus on these tasks first to avoid distractions. When you’ve completed this, you can move onto other tasks without letting them reduce your productivity

2. Reduce office noise 

Modern offices tend to be very open plan, which means they can noisy, with nowhere for the sounds of conversation, someone running the coffee machine, or phones ringing to be caught. To help deaden some of these noise distractions, install sound panels to improve the acoustics and reduce how far noise can travel around the office. 

3. Provide healthy snacks

Offices are often full of treats, whether it’s a cake someone brought in for their birthday or you’ve bought sweets as a thank you for a project well done. Sugar can cause energy crashes, which is killer for concentration. Instead, bring in healthy snacks like fruit or nuts and encourage your team to do the same. 

4. Get moving 

Exercise is good for the body and the brain. It reduces stress hormones and can aid concentration. Sitting at a desk all day can lead to your mind wandering, so start enforcing lunch breaks with your team and take one yourself. A few minutes away from your desk means you can stretch your legs, rest your eyes from staring at a screen, and come back refreshed and ready to get back to work. 

5. Have a quick morning meeting

Take a leaf from the Agile style of working and have morning stand-up meetings with your team. Meetings can eat into productivity, but stand-up meetings are deliberately fast-paced. Take 15 minutes to go over everyone’s main crucial results for the day, which helps to get everyone on the same page and allows you to identify where assistance might be needed and who is in the best position to give it. 

6. Cut out meetings you don’t need

We all know many meetings can be a complete waste of time. Before arranging one, think carefully. Do this need to be a meeting? Could it just be an email, or could you just and go and talk to key players yourself and use up less time for the whole team? If it does need to be a meeting, prepare properly to make sure you make the most of the time. 

7. Eat the frog

Eating the frog is a productivity tactic that many leaders find helpful. It means getting the worst task of your To-Do list first. Is there something on your list you’re putting off? Tackle it first. After it’s done, you’ll feel motivated and better able to get on with other tasks.  

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