This is one of the most enjoyable parts of starting your own business for most people, it’s where you get creative – or get someone else to do it!

Logo design tips
Your logo is what represents your company, it will be on your website, print and maybe even your products. A bad logo could lead to your business not being taken seriously or maybe even no business at all. Here are a few tips on designing a logo (if your not going to do it yourself, scroll down.)

  1. Distinctive and bold design, your logo should be clean and easy to look at.
  2. Works well with your business’ name, if you have a business name which portrays prestige and use Comic Sans font, your logo will be remembered… for all the wrong reasons.
  3. Use an easy to read font – the last thing you want is people double guessing your business name because the can’t make out what the letters used in your fancy font are. Keep it nice and simple.
  4. Looks good in black and white. The likelihood most documents you print and present will be printed in black and white (we all know coloured ink costs a fortune) so make sure your logo looks as good on paper as it does on your website.

Tip – We recommend using Adobe Illustrator.

Get your logo designed
Designing a logo isn’t for everybody, there are great designers and solutions out there, here are a few:

  1. (RECOMMENDED) – Affordable professional logo design solutions, £200 for over 20+ variations to choose from, 2 additional rounds of revisions will be made.
  2. Brand – Buy pre-made logos, this website features stunning pre-made logos which are usually sold with a domain name. The website is a US site and uses dollars so don’t be too scared by some of the figures you see.
  3. – You can instruct freelance logo designers around the world by posting your request on the website for a fee and having designers bid for the project. If you don’t like managing projects and not having physical or telephone contact then don’t go for this options as it could be a gamble. Most UK users we’ve spoken to found that a language barrier exists with most freelancers on the website.
  4. – Make your own using the Vistaprint logo wizard, very simple to use for simple logos however the logo is not exclusive to yourself and could be used by many.
Get your print sorted
Here are three of my favourite tried and tested solutions in order of preference (Based on value & quality combined):
  1. – Stunning and affordable. Moo is home to amazingly quirky and engaging designs, their paper stock (350gsm) is great and their prices are reasonable. Always a pleasure to use.
  2. – These guys aren’t the cheapest buy they are good. You need to have your business card designed (they can do it or you could visit either or and they print it for you using the finish you select. They have many to chose from such as your standard business card, folding business cards or cards cutout to certain shapes. Besides business cards can supply you with leaflets, mouse mats or even bottles of champagne with your company name on it.
  3. – These guys don’t just print business cards but anything else in-between made affordable for any business. I didn’t find the quality of Vistaprint to match that of Moo or but the product does what it says on the tin.
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