Start Smarter is an online magazine which provides free news, tips, resources & more for UK startup businesses. We also design websites at an affordable price.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our articles, resources and other content and aim to be the hub for UK startups to come and educate themselves, network and find resources to run their businesses.

Start Smarter is a social enterprise. This means we invest our profits into our social cause which is; a better business, for a better Britain. How do we believe we live up to our social cause? We provide free news, tips, resources and more to British business’ and startups which enrich their knowledge thus increasing their chances of becoming successful. Successful business’ improve our country’s economy. A better economy equals a better Britain.

StartSmarter.co.uk’s aim is to help increase the number of startup businesses in the UK, further contributing to the growth of the economy. We do not offer ‘Premium’ features for our users, all areas of the website are FREE. We make money from our valued sponsors and advertisers so you can have access to all content for no charge. Any profits that are made will get injected back into the business.

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Our Successes That We’re Proud Of

  • Being accepted as a Certified Member of the UK‘s national body for Social Enterprise (as at 30th May 2014)
  • Having our first media appearance!
  • Invited and spoke as a guest lecturer to the Enterprise Society at Kent University.
  • Exhibited at the largest event held in London, Earls Court; that accommodates for Enterprise in Education, Employment, Education and Enterprise. Further information can be obtained through one our articles: Start Smarter does Youth Enterprise Live Event

How did it start?

At a time where the government are running campaigns to encourage entrepreneurs to starts their businesses to help boost the economy we thought we’d contribute and do our bit.

After many years of being involved in and playing a large role in successful businesses, both partners (Adam & Levi), proud of our achievements, asked ourselves why it is that a lot of younger people hold back from starting their own businesses.
We came to the conclusion that it wasn’t that they didn’t want to – it’s the fact they didn’t know how to or were afraid of doing so.

So sitting in Adam’s dorm at university we thought of Start Smarter to encourage other entrepreneurs to start their businesses giving them all the news, tips, resources & more on one convenient website – startsmarter.co.uk.

Our promise to you:

Here at Start Smarter we promise our valued users the following:

  • To do our utmost to provide you with the most helpful and up-to-date content
  • To ensure that you never have to pay for news and tips
  • To provide quality advertisements and relevant advertisements opposed to trashy, mass posted advertisements
  • To honour all suggestions and complaints
  • To keep working on and improving Start Smarter, making it a better place for UK startups day by day.


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