This post analyses the ACCA SBL June 2024 Pre-Seen Mock, relevant for those studying to become a Chartered and Certified Accountant.

The ACCA SBL (Strategic Business Leader) exam for June 2024 presents a comprehensive case study focusing on the cloud service industry and a prominent company, NCTech. This analysis delves into the pre-seen information provided, offering crucial insights and potential exam questions that align with the current business landscape and strategic challenges.

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ACCA SBL June 2024 Pre-Seen Mock Analysis: Overview of NCTech and Industry Trends

  1. Introduction to NCTech: NCTech, a cloud service company in Farland, has experienced significant growth since its inception. Founded by three software engineers, it now targets small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with its public cloud services.
  2. Cloud Service Industry Information: The cloud service sector in Farland is expanding rapidly, driven by the increasing adoption of cloud technologies by businesses of all sizes. Key statistics from 20X2 highlight the industry’s growth, with 38% of client data in Farland stored in the cloud and total annual revenue of $8.3 billion.
  3. Cloud Service Models: The industry offers three primary service models: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). Each model varies in complexity and cost, with SaaS being the most comprehensive and expensive.
  4. Challenges and Developments: The cloud service industry faces challenges such as rapid growth, global competition, regulatory changes, and cybersecurity threats. NCTech must navigate these issues to maintain its market position and meet evolving client demands.

Key Insights for ACCA SBL June 2024 Pre-Seen Mock Analysis

  1. NCTech’s Strategic Position: Despite its strong market reputation and client relationships, NCTech’s reliance on the IaaS model limits its growth potential. The company also faces competition from large, international cloud service providers entering the Farland market.
  2. Performance Indicators: Financially, NCTech has seen a decline in gross profit margins and market share, raising concerns among shareholders. Operationally, the company has reported an increase in security breaches and a decline in client satisfaction ratings.
  3. Innovation and Future Growth: To stay competitive, NCTech should consider expanding its service offerings to include PaaS and SaaS models. Embracing innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and quantum computing could provide a competitive edge.

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Potential Exam Questions for ACCA SBL June 2024 Pre-Seen

  1. Strategic Analysis and Recommendations: Analyze NCTech’s current strategic position. What recommendations would you provide to enhance its competitive advantage and address the identified weaknesses?
  2. Risk Management: Discuss the principal risks faced by NCTech and evaluate the effectiveness of its risk management strategies. How can the company improve its approach to managing technological and regulatory risks?
  3. Financial Performance Evaluation: Evaluate NCTech’s recent financial performance. What are the key financial indicators that management should focus on to improve profitability and shareholder value?
  4. Operational Improvements: Considering the operational KPIs, what measures should NCTech implement to improve service availability, reliability, and client satisfaction?
  5. Innovation and Competitive Advantage: How can NCTech leverage emerging technologies such as AI, ML, and quantum computing to enhance its service offerings and achieve sustainable growth?
  6. Corporate Governance: Assess the corporate governance structure of NCTech. What improvements can be made to ensure effective oversight and alignment with best practices?


The ACCA SBL June 2024 pre-seen mock information provides a rich context for examining NCTech’s strategic challenges and opportunities. By understanding the industry’s dynamics and NCTech’s position, candidates can prepare effectively for potential exam questions. Focus on strategic recommendations, risk management, financial performance, and innovation to excel in the ACCA SBL examination.

ACCA SBL June 2024 Pre-Seen Mock Analysis is crucial for understanding the strategic landscape of NCTech and the cloud service industry. Stay updated with industry trends and equip yourself with the knowledge to tackle the upcoming exam with confidence.

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