Most businesses have many corporate events they need to host and attend. These include the likes of; conferences, training days, meetings, and exhibitions.

If your business is planning one of these events then they will obviously need to hire a corporate event venue for the occasion. However, does it matter what venue you choose? Will it have any influence on event success? Should you simply go for the cheapest venue in order to keep your costs low? Or does your venue play a larger role in your day’s events?

The answer is quite simply that you should never overlook how important your venue is. First and foremost, if you are hosting a conference or an exhibition then you are likely to be viewed by members of the public or those from opposing companies. It is pivotal that you give off a good impression. You can find some tips at You want a venue which is impressive, stands out from the crowd, and is of course professional. If you were to pick some old run down building then what impression would that give to everyone else? You need to view the venue you pick from an outside perspective. It may not be your actual building, but on the day of your event it is a part of your business.

But, what happens when you are going to host a meeting or a training day? These days are revolved around your company’s employees, so surely it doesn’t matter where they are hosted – right? Wrong! It is still as equally as important. Your employees need to feel appreciated and valued at all times. If you host their meeting and training days in undesirable locations then what does it say about how you hold them in regard? This is not simply about putting a smile on your employees’ faces either. You will find this is also beneficial to you too. This is because happy staff equals more productive staff. Therefore, if you show your employees that they are important, then they are much more likely to work to optimum level. Everything from the ventilation to the floor plan influences productivity. You can use to assist with the latter. Moreover, with regards to training days, individuals tend to work better when the environment they are in is a nice one.

It is quite evident to see why selecting the right corporate event venue is pivotal. And, this importance has only heightened over the past few years. Because of the rise of the Internet and social media, if you were to host a bad business event or at a bad venue then everyone would quickly know about it. We live in a day and age whereby people are encouraged to reveal their thoughts about anything they have bought or been to on the internet. This is a good thing if you leave a positive touch, but if not then you could find your online reputation spiraling downhill.

At the beginning of the blog post, the question was posed as to whether corporate event venues matter and the answer is certainly a resounding yes. Never underestimate the impact of four walls. They can shape opinion drastically and shape your employees’ general feeling and productivity.

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