This year has seen lots of changes to our personal and business lives. Adapting your business to the new normal brings its own challenges. Not only do you have to think of your customers but also how your staff will now conduct themselves moving forward. We have listed below some tips to get you started to adapt to a post covid world.

Working Remotely

With a national lockdown taking place for a second time, it is wise to prepare for the after-effects and the possibility of an extended or third lockdown. If you don’t require staff to be in your place of work physically, then having them work remotely from home is the next step. To do this, you will need to provide equipment such as computers and phones to your employees. If you are still working from an office but having to social distance over several floor or rooms, ensure your business has Flexible Colocation Servers, Quarter, Half or Full Rack Availability so you can make your staff as comfortable as possible during these uncertain times.


The way we keep our work premises clean has changed significantly. There are now new rules we have to abide by to keep staff and customers safe. Ensure you have cleaning stations and hand sanitizers available throughout your office/shop space. If an employee becomes ill with covid symptoms or has had a confirmed result, block off their work area immediately and leave it as long as you can before disinfecting the area.


Pre-covid we were heading into a cash-free world and it seems the effects of the pandemic have accelerated it. Where possible, you should avoid passing banknotes among customers and staff as they can hold and pass the virus. So if you haven’t already we recommend you becoming a cashless business for the time being. The upside to this is that your money will appear all in one place, making it easier when doing your tax returns.

Have A Plan for Adapting your Business to the New Normal

With so much uncertainty, you want to safeguard your employees and your business. That’s why it is good to have a plan in place. The rules are constantly changing at a rapid rate, so make sure you are keeping up to date with the government guidelines. Talk to your employees and keep them up to date with any regulations or restrictions, and try to put their minds at ease by telling them your plan in the event of any significant effects on your business.

Let People Know You’re Still Open

If you fall under the list of businesses that are allowed to stay open, that’s great. Let your customers know by posting online, delivering leaflets or having a sign outside your door. If customers are still allowed in your establishment, make sure you provide clear signage explaining the rules, have clear hand sanitizer stations available. If you are not allowing customers to make physical contact, then ensure your internet, phones and computer system are up to speed with the latest upgrades and anti-virus protection.

We hope we have helped to guide you in adapting your business to the new normal. With more meetings and events taking place online check out our 4 TIPS FOR ONLINE EVENT SUCCESS.

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