It is always nice to enjoy a weekend away now and again. It is fun to explore different areas of the country and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But, where should you go for your next weekend break? Kent perhaps?

There is undoubtedly a wealth of fantastic places to choose from, but one county that comes highly recommended is Kent.

There are lots of brilliant cities, towns and villages in the area. You are assured to find a place to reside that matches in with your wants for the vacation. That is what is so great about Kent; there is something for everybody to enjoy. From families with young children to adults on a hen party weekend; Kent attracts a varied crowd because of the diversity on offer. This is why a lot of people decide to put down roots here. Help to buy schemes are great for first-time buyers if you are interested in moving to this part of the world. Properties do tend to be more expensive here, but such a scheme can help.

In general one of the reasons why so many people flock to Kent is because of the beauty that is on offer. The fact that the county is known as the ‘Garden of England’ is no coincidence. Everywhere you turn you will be met with stunning scenery. From the iconic White Cliffs of Dover to the magical countryside; make sure you take your camera with you so that you can fill up your scrapbook with an array of incredible snaps.

Kent is split into the following districts; Shepway, Maidstone, Ashford, Swale, Dartford, Thanet, Gravesham, Medway, Dover, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and Malling, Canterbury and Tunbridge Wells. A lot of these locations boast areas that have become popular tourist attractions.

For instance, Canterbury has long been a city of choice from UK and overseas tourists alike. They come to see the cathedral and the array of quirky shops on offer. This is an area with real personality. Then there are those who of course prefer the coastal locations, such as Whitstable. There is no shortage of choice, that’s for sure.

If Kent sounds like a good choice to you, then make sure you consider incorporating some of the following attractions into your vacation…

  •       White Cliffs of Dover – The White Cliffs of Dover were mentioned earlier in this article. This is undoubtedly one of the most famous attractions in the whole of Kent. The cliffs are simply stunning. You have to see them with your own eyes to truly appreciate them.
  •       Spitfire & Hurricane Memorial Museum – If you are someone who enjoys the world of aircraft or is interested in history, you will definitely love this museum. It is situated in Manston and is deemed to be a real gem by those who visit. There is plenty of memorabilia for you to feast your eyes on.
  •       Hever Castle – This castle plays an important role in English history. It was once, in fact, the home of one of the most famous queens in England. This is Anne Boleyn who was the second wife of Henry VII and indeed Elizabeth I’s mother. This castle is a sight to behold to say the very least. Not to be missed.
  •       Rochester Cathedral – Last but not least we have Rochester Cathedral. This is actually the second oldest cathedral in the whole of the country, dating back to 604 AD. The word stunning is simply an understatement.

If you are visiting Kent this summer then a particular highlight of your holiday is guaranteed to be the beautiful beaches in the area. England isn’t always blessed with the best of weather but hopefully, you will catch some sunny days. If you are unlucky and the weather is not on your side then don’t let this hold you back from taking a trip to the likes of East Cliff Beach or Shakespeare Beach. These beaches are worth a visit for pure scenic value alone. They all offer beauty in abundance and the perfect place to enjoy a nice walk on a peaceful afternoon. Let’s take a look at some of the best beaches in the whole of Kent…

East Cliff Beach

This beach is situated in Broadstairs. It is a mixture of sand and rocks and provides the perfect place to walk your dog if you are someone who likes to take their pets with them on holiday. It is not the main beach in Broadstairs yet this is why a lot of people like it. After all, it provides them with the peace and tranquillity they are looking for.

Shakespeare Beach

Shakespeare Beach is a sight to behold. It is situated in Dover and is a small shingle of sand. Nevertheless, if you are someone with an appreciation for natural beauty then this is a must visit. The small section of sand boasts a dramatic backdrop of a rocky cliff with train tracks to the right and the twinkling blue sea to the left. This is a particularly good spot for those who like to go fishing as well.

Viking Beach

Earlier it was mentioned that East Cliff Beach is not the main beach of Broadstairs and this is because Viking Beach takes that title. This gorgeous sandy beach is extremely popular and is the type of location you would go to sunbathe and indulge in ice cream on a hot summer’s day. There is a cafe/restaurant at Viking Beach, as well as toilet facilities and a lifeguard service. And the water is worth a mention; the quality is first-class. It is worth mentioning that you are not allowed dogs on the beach between May 1st and September 30th.

The Warren Beach

This beach is located in Folkestone. It is a sandy beach yet rocky in certain places. The chalk cliffs in the surrounding area provide a dramatic backdrop and make the beach truly beautiful. This is a great place for those who like to go walking as there are pathways around the cliffs. Nonetheless, on a hot summer’s day, this is another popular sunbathing and swimming spot. There is a cafe/restaurant, toilets, a shop, and a promenade.

Herne Bay Beach

And last but not least there is Herne Bay Beach – which believe it or not is in Herne Bay. This beach has a real festival feel about it. There are lots of beautiful beach huts in the array as well as a selection of popular fish and chip shops too. The water is of good quality here and you can even partake in a bit of sailing if this is something that appeals to you.

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