Visual merchandising is a crucial part of your optical store, and you must know how to display your frames in a way that entices customers into your store. This is the best way to stay ahead of the competition and keep frames sales up. Here we have an optician’s guide to displaying eyewear in your store.

Staying on Trend

One of the first things you need to consider when displaying eyewear in your store is the current eyewear trends. These are the frames you want at the front of your store and in the window displays, as these are going to be the most popular frames to sell. Working with suppliers such as International Eyewear stock wholesale frames that are trendy and stylish, so you can find the best frames for your store to attract customers.


When creating displays, make sure to organise them to promote ease for the customer journey. Imagine you are visiting your store for the first time. Would you be able to easily find the section you were looking for, or are your displays randomly organised?

Customers who can head straight to the category they fall under are more likely to buy from your store, as everything is in one place. A few common ways to organise your frames include age, gender, style, or brand. You can always have a few displays with “most popular” or “new in” to break it up a bit.

Window Displays

Window shopping is one of the most coined terms in the UK and shops that have great window displays are the ones that will attract the most custom. When displaying your eyewear, you should take serious consideration when creating your window display. You may even get a visual merchandiser on board who can help create the perfect window display.

The glasses should be the main event when putting things in your window. You can build things around this, but when you walk past, you want the glasses to be the first thing that potential customers see. If you have any offers or promotions, this is also something to display in your window. Changing up your window displays regularly can also entice new customers into the store. Don’t forget to keep the windows clean and have good lighting for darker days.

Less Is More

When it comes to choosing glasses, some people can get overwhelmed by the amount of choice available. Whilst you should have a broad selection of frames to choose from, ensure that your displays are not too overcrowded, making it more difficult to view the frames.

Your glasses should always be the main point of focus, so avoid having too many accessories and other décor surrounding the displays. You will need plenty of mirrors around your store too, so this is something else to consider when decorating.

Displaying eyewear correctly in your optician store can boost revenue and traffic so staying on-trend and making your window displays immaculate is essential. Remember to organise your displays to make sense for the customer.

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