Good evening readers! We’ve just had news that Apple will be launching a new product tomorrow! Not only that, they will also be restructuring some of their Apple products.

So what product is it going to be?


Announcement 1

Apple have confirmed they will be launching a new iPad. The new iPad 5th Generation.

They also announced that they will ensure that this iPad will be more affordable then their previous iPad’s. So how will they keep their previous iPads an attractive product in relation to the competitive market.

Announcement 2

In a bid to keep competitive with their rivals Amazon, Samsung, Google, Nexus etc, it is rumoured that Apple will be decreasing the price they charge for their older iPad’s! 

Yes, you read correctly! iPad’s will be cheaper!

The majority of business users now have a tablet, so this could be your time to invest in one yourself if you don’t currently have one. Alternately you this could be chance to sell your old and buy the new 5th gen.


So what are your thought’s on Apple’s exciting release and strategic move? Do you think  their decrease in prices on  their older iPad’s will generate a larger figure on their bottom line, or will it be insignificant?

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