Running a business whilst studying can be challenging. Mark Zuckerburg decided to choose between the two, however, if you want to balance both, read on!

Student life is difficult, exciting and can be pretty stressful too. If you want to succeed in your student life and get by with no issues. There are some things to need to know…


Learning how to manage your money and budget is essential for your student life because you don’t have a lot of money to throw around. Until you leave university and are able to refinance your student loan with you are stuck with little money, no time to spare and a lot of energy to spend. Make sure that you avoid going out drinking every single weekend, and in fact, you can go out every other weekend and then save the money you would have spent on the weeks in between. This can help you to start saving some money and let you be more comfortable in life.

Time management

From our classes to our job and everything in between, we seem to lose most of our time and managing this correctly is crucial to your success when you are studying. You need to think about giving yourself a clear schedule and setting yourself windows of time during the week to study, to work, and also to relax! Be relaxed and happy in your life and make sure you don’t overfill your schedule for success.

Ignore chit chat

When you are a child or teenager you are always going to be subject to chit chat and arguments in your life. The key to living a better life is to learn how to ignore these comments and get on with your day as normal. Don’t let the little things defeat you, conquer your life on your own and be confident in yourself.

Less stress

The crucial thing for you to learn how to do in your student life is being able to wind down and reduce your stress. Studying can be hard and it can get to a point where you feel completely overwhelmed and unable to continue. When you reach this stage you need to take some time out for yourself and reset. Go for a weekend trip somewhere new, learn how to meditate, and take a breath. Let yourself reduce your own stress to avoid falling into anxiety and depression during your studies.

Get a study buddy

To make your life much easier during your study and to allow you to learn in a more proactive way, one thing which you can do is get yourself a friend who will study with you. Simply having someone else there to study alongside you and push you on will make a massive difference to your motivation and will likely allow you both to retain information easier. It’s always worth having a few people working together on a study.

Be confident

There’s a saying which goes like this “act confident and no one will question you.” If you are feeling as if you need a mental boost to meet new people and start a new life in a different city, follow this mantra. If you act confident from day one, you will find things much easier to adjust and others will feed off your positive energy.

Do you have any tips that other student-entrepreneurs would find useful?

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