There will be times where you need to say goodbye to your old car and hello to your new one. A lot of the decisions made when buying a car are whether you buy a new or used vehicle. A used car will of course have its own benefits but there are also plenty of benefits of buying a new car. Here are some that might sway your decision when you need to purchase your next car.


When it comes to warranties there is likely to be a full warranty placed on a car that’s brand new. With that being said, you have the benefit of being covered by the manufacturer, should anything go wrong with your car during that time. It’s a good way of providing a bit of cover to your potential expenditures but it’s worth knowing how long this warranty will last. It can tend to vary from car to car but the average is between three and five years. It’s definitely something that might influence your decision in purchasing a new car, as opposed to a used one. It’s unlikely that a used one will have a warranty on it unless you’re lucky.

You Know It’s History

With used cars, you don’t fully know its history and what underlying problems there might be that previous owners haven’t mentioned. It may have had various checks and Audi servicing on it that you’re not aware of. You may only get so much from the owner you buy it from and then the previous owners before that might not be mentioned in as much detail as you hoped. With a new car, you know its history because, for the most part, it’s likely only to have things on its history or record. These will also likely be minor things too that don’t impact the quality and running life of the car itself. 

Better Financing Options

Depending on the type of car you go for and the dealership in question, there are going to be finance options available. There’s also likely to be better financing options too when it comes to a new car. Finance options are a great way to make buying a car more affordable and especially when it comes to a new car, you could make some savings.

You’re The First To Experience It

As a new car owner, you get to fully experience the newness that comes with a car that has just rolled off the manufacturing line. There’s nothing like sitting in the driver’s seat for the first time and knowing that you are the first one to do so. It’s satisfying to have something that no one has had before and that is one of the main factors that help decide on whether or not a new car is worth spending the money on.

By buying a new car, you’re getting a lot of benefits that you just can’t find with a used one. Make sure you use these tips when deciding on the next car you buy.

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