The agricultural industry is one that is now highly machine intensive. Practically all tasks are carried out by the aid of a machine – whether it be a harvester, or a tractor, or a fertiliser spreader.

One machine that is growing in popularity is a diet feeder. More and more farmers all over the country are purchasing one of these for their farms. This post reveals the reasons why this is the case i.e. the benefits associated with diet feeders. Thus, keep on reading to find out more…

What is a diet feeder?

Before revealing the advantages associated with this type of machine, it is first pivotal to determine what a diet feeder is. A diet feeder is a machine that mixes and distributes feed for farm animals. It is sometimes referred to as a mixer wagon. By doing this, all animals will receive an even amount of nutrients and transportation of the feed is made easier as well. You do need to make sure you ensure your machine, though. Head to The Insurance Octopus for this. 

What benefits will be gained by using a diet feeder on your farm?

  • Improved efficiency – There is only one place to begin and this is with the increase in efficiency at your business you are certain to experience. In order to put this into perspective, it is important to acknowledge the fact that a diet feeder does not merely mix concentrate ration with a forage feed. The use of this machine goes a lot further. Firstly, efficiency will be enhanced because the transportation of the feed will be made a lot easier. Moreover, you will be able to dispense it directly in front of the animals. In addition to this, the ability to control and monitor the feed showcases another way in which efficiency is enhanced. All animals will receive the nutrients they require and thus nothing goes to waste.


  • Better quality of beef and yield – This leads to the next point perfectly. By using a diet feeder you can ensure your farm is producing a high quality of beef and yield. You are able to do this by ensuring that each animal receives the proper amount of nutrients they require. If you do not use a diet feeder you will find this extremely difficult to achieve. This point is imperative. After all, if your farm produces better yield and beef than the others, you are assured to reap the rewards of more customers and consequently a greater level of profit.


  • Speed up the feeding process – Without a diet feeder, it is likely that the feeding process will take quite a considerable amount of time. However, this time is slashed in half with this machine by your side. Therefore, you can run much more efficiently and ensure that your time is spent on over core tasks. 


  • More possibilities at your disposal – Last but not least, a final benefit worth considering is that you will have more possibilities at your disposal if you choose to use a diet feeder. How? Well, firstly you can improve digestibility by using the feeder to treat whole grain with alkali products. In addition to this, one of the key advantages associated with diet feeders is their ability to mix complementary forages, such as grass silage and maize silage. 


When you take the four benefits that have been mentioned into account, it is really not hard to see why this machine is increasing in popularity. Nonetheless, there are many diet feeders on the market at present, and thus you need to make your purchase with care. 

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