If Google is the most popular search engine, then you won’t be surprised at the number of people using Gmail as well. It is reaching 1.5 billion active monthly users in 2019 alone with a mix of personal and business accounts and is a mecca of potential customers you would want to access. Tapping into this vast expanse of people does not require you to be tech-savvy, only to understand that finding the best Gmail CRM and utilizing it can give an edge to your enterprise.

What Is CRM? 

CRM means Customer Relationship Management, and it is one of the significant aspects that keep your business thriving. Customers, whether they are loyal or new ones, decide if your products and services are worth their attention and hard-earned money. That is why, today, there are many effective ways of customer engagement to develop a strong relationship with your target market.  

CRM is a system that helps companies, both small and large-scale, to connect to individual customers. In that matter, Gmail integration is a useful option that produces massive results through automated business communications. Integrating your CRM software with Gmail allows you to a considerable fraction of Gmail users that would be interested in what you have to offer. 

Why Integrate Your CRM Software With Gmail?

Automated Leads Creation

Successful marketing can lead to new customers and help you build relationships using your Gmail account. For an entrepreneur, networking is a must if you want to meet the right people who can give you their business and ones that can help you thrive in other ways. It is why business seminars and conventions exist. These events connect you to anyone whom you may want to contact later on. 

CRM features can help you save and keep contacts of people you want to establish business relationships with. You can directly save names and email addresses through a cloud-based system. You do not have to copy and paste leads later on, and there is no need for you to gather many business cards. When the opportunity is offering you paperless management, it is saving time and space. 

Efficient ROI Tracking

Sending out marketing campaigns to old and newly acquired leads becomes more exciting when you can anticipate the return of investment. Campaigns can be anything from product promotions online to official launching events that anyone with invites or tickets can attend. Adding the breakdown on prices of, for example, the materials and cost of giveaways will enable you to see conversions and investment returns. It allows you to track what works and what does not for future financial planning. 

Increases Productivity of Sales Staff

Your employees are the backbone of the company, and they need the right tools to be able to do their jobs properly. Most of the time, it is the tools they use that they find troublesome. Menial tasks of transferring or copying data may take too long, and it becomes taxing when they have to keep switching from one system to another. When you enable CRM and Gmail integration, your staff can access all messages in one place. They do not need to spend too much time on data entry, and your team can focus on sales and more critical tasks. 

Easy Email History Management

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of customer engagement. It allows you to create newsletters on deals, promo discounts, selective marketing campaigns, and help track leads. Gmail to CRM integrations makes it easy to pull out specific emails for information and history. If you need to recall past promotions and communications between customers and business colleagues, you can quickly get them for reference since everything is in storage and one place. There is no need to be confused and waste time looking when the integration makes it easy for you.

Create Targeted Marketing

Not all customers are alike, and you can find out much about them by knowing which emails or campaigns they respond to. Try sending out a promotion for a hair product, and if they inquire about it, you may still want to know if they may show the same interest for a related hair product. 

When you can easily pull out your email history, you can learn about the types of campaigns that potential customers like through responses and information such as age, job descriptions, verified purchases, and more. Sending them a presentable newsletter with good content lets specific leads or customers know that you are paying attention, and that is how you build a thriving customer base. 

Organized Customer Support

Every business gets hiccups, be it small or large. That is why active customer support is a must to address the concerns of existing customers and potential buyers who need more information. CRM and Gmail integration enables the conversion of emails into tickets. Customers create them directly from their Gmail accounts that easily reach your agents. And because your customer support staff can receive the messages, it is easier for them to track and follow up on complaints and concerns. Your support staff won’t miss anything because all they need is to go through one message at a time.

Mark Activities Concerning Customer Engagement

You or your staff may need a customer to verify an account, submit requirements, or follow up about an order. It is a scenario that is common in any business wanting to be of service to its customers. Gmail and CRM integration allows you to fully communicate with a customer when it comes to following up on a purchase. It may be about wanting a product replacement, a size, or a colour mixup. 

The goal is to keep them wanting to buy the product despite fulfilment mistakes or to assist them in creating a verified account with your business. There will be a lot of back and forth communication, and you want that until you achieve your goal. You can mark this activity as done or instruct staff to do the same for future references. 

In Conclusion

When customers are using Gmail, you as a business owner can take advantage of that by using a CRM software that you can integrate with it. It is a useful tool for serious and personalized customer engagement for marketing purposes and customer service. Gmail and CRM integration is the easiest way to reach your customers using one platform that makes it easy for them to contact you. This type of partnership is crucial to your business, as it helps you build a lasting relationship with your customers.

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