Going solo and starting your own business is never an easy venture. However, if you seek and actively use the advice handed down from iconic businesspeople, your transition from amateur to startup success story can be smooth sailing. So what are these magical tips you ask? Check them out below and change your approach to the way you handle business.

Work With a Strategy

The way you approach business should be the same way you would play a casino strategy game as a high roller. Everything you do is a gamble and as fast as you could get lucky, your luck could always turn. So in order to achieve this, you need a plan. Write it down in a few simple steps and follow through, step by step.

Build a Website

When you know what market you want your business to attract you will need a platform to do so. Building a website is a necessity especially if you want to grow your business. You can hire a webmaster or you can pay someone to design and build a website for you, but if you haven’t the funds you can always utilize the internet and make use of free website development tools online. Check out WordPress and Website Builder for a quick step by step guide to creating and owning your very own business website.

Social Strategy

Once you have yourself a website you can then take the next step and venture out on social networks. Make sure you create a business Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account. Connect with like-minded business owners and only connect with the market you want to attract. Stay active on these accounts as you want to build a good reputation and the first step to maintaining a good name is by positively interacting with your clients or potential customers. Think about a social strategy and stick to the plan.

Networking is Key

Just as social interaction is a tool to success, so is networking. Speak to people about your brand, advertise via word of mouth, go to business events and interact with other small business owners. The beginning days of creating your own business will be sleepless, but they pay off in the long run so don’t ever miss an opportunity to network your business, it may have just been the opportunity of a lifetime.


This is easier said than done, but open a savings account and deposit money whenever you can but no less than once a month. As a start-up business you may not have immediate need of funds but as you grow your business you may run into a few expenses. Having a savings account will act as your safety net. Learn how to save and follow through.


Don’t lose faith and have patience, you have already taken the first step to success by acting on what was a dream and turning it into a reality. Have patience and watch your small business bloom.

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