Are you looking for new business premises? If so, you may be wondering where, to begin with, your search. Choosing the right commercial property can feel like a significant responsibility, and you may be feeling under lots of pressure to find the perfect building. Your choice of business premises is a major decision and should always be weighed up carefully. The building that you end up with can play a vital role in your company’s future success, so it pays to look for the perfect property rather than settling for the first building that you see. Here are some of the essential points that you will need to consider when choosing the best commercial property for your business:

Type of Property

The kind of business that you run will significantly impact which type of building you should choose. If you are buying a building, it is wise to review the building classification to ensure that it matches your intended use. If the classification is not appropriate you may need to apply for permission for the change of use to make sure that you comply with planning rules and regulations.

Selecting a building that is already set up for your intended use could help you to save money and time as there should be fewer costly and time-consuming alterations for you to make. You can click here to view a wide range of high-quality commercial properties to suit the needs of your business.


Your choice of location is especially crucial for commercial properties. You will need to weigh up the price considerations that could result from a central location versus an out of town setting and to figure out which one makes more sense for your business. 

When selecting a location, you may also want to consider the local amenities, such as the availability of car parks and transport links. If you transport goods from your premises, choosing a location that allows easy access to major roads could make your logistical operation far easier to manage, so this is definitely something worth considering.


For your commercial property to be fit for purpose, it needs to be the right size for your business. It doesn’t make sense financially to choose a property that is too large for your company, as you will be paying for space that you do not need. However, choosing a smaller building could impact your ability to expand your business. Carefully looking through your business plan and forecasting your business activity over the coming years should help you to make a fully-informed decision and avoid choosing a building that is not suitable for your needs.


Some businesses rely heavily on passing trade to survive. If passing trade is key to your business’s success, it is essential to measure footfall before committing to a building. Understanding how much footfall the area experiences, and in particular how much of it is directly outside your potential business premises will play a vital role in your choice of property.

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