If you want to be successful or are not happy with your business, then there are a few things that you can do to make significant changes. You’d be surprised at how easy making changes can be to ensure that your business is successful. You would also be amazed at how one small change can make all the difference.

Site Visits

Your site really is the bigger picture. Monitoring your site visits is essential. You have to make sure that you continue to track them over time as well. This will give you a great idea of the effectiveness of your current campaign. It will also help you to know if any changes must be made. If you know that your current campaigns ineffective, then something needs to be changed your business remains successful. It also shows that not enough is done to promote and market your business.

Traffic by Sources or Channels

This is very useful if you want to try and segment your traffic or boost your marketing campaign. If you have direct visitors, organic search visitors or even referrals, then you must track these differently than you would track social media users. If you do have a good social media presence, then you will also want to track who arrives from which platform. This will give you a good idea of what traffic and areas you should be investing more of your resources in as well.

New Visitors and Return Visitors

Return visitors show you that you are providing quality content and that you are also staying current as well. If your content is not sticky enough to try and bring customers back, then you have a problem. When you track data such as this, you will get a good idea of how your site and content is performing in comparison to the previous month. If you are continuously receiving new visitors, this is an indication that the new content that you have now is doing its job. It is a great way to try and find out what you need to change and the reasons why.

Interactions per Visit

Interactions per visit show you the analytics of your traffic. The best SEO agency will be able to help you with this. If they are able to provide you with actionable results, this is even better. When you have traffic coming to your site, you need to know how they are going to interact with your site. You will also need to take into account all of the variables as well. You will have to work out how many users are going to be on your site, in addition to, where they are exiting your site from as well. Remember that interactions are completely different to conversions. If you do not measure both, then you will never be able to make the most out of the current campaign.

Time Spent on the Site

Time spent on the site mainly deals with the interactions section but it is certainly something that you need to be measuring. You need to find out how interested people are in your site. You will also need to determine how much you are actually engaging your website and visitors, as well. This is a great indicator of how much people like your site and how useful your content is. For example, those who spend a lot of time on your site are more than likely committed to your company. If you have people who only remain on your site for a few seconds, then this is a sign that you need to change something. 

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is the number of people who click on your site and then leave before providing you with a meaningful action. Reasons for a high bounce rate include having a potential problem with your checkout process or insufficient transparency. You may even find that you load people up with last-minute deals as well. So it’s important that you spend time evaluating the whole process to ensure that you provide people with the best possible experience. This can work wonders for making your business experience pleasant. It will also really help you to make your site successful as well.

Exit Rate

If you have a site with multiple page conversion processes, then the exit rate will show how many visitors left after visiting a certain page. This will determine what pages your users don’t like. It will also help you to fix the problem at the source.

Mobile Traffic

Mobile traffic is the number of people who are coming to your site from other locations. You may find that mobile users are different to standard website users. This is because mobile users need a completely different experience than standard website users. They are coming from a faster but simpler device. Therefore, the pages won’t look or feel the same as they would to a desktop user.

To be successful in resolving this issue, one solution is to track your mobile users differently than your website users.  This will help you determine the effectiveness of your mobile campaign. It will really help you out in the future as well. So, there are so many things that you can do to track your mobile users. Why don’t you try some of them for yourself today?


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