So you want to start-up a business; maybe your reasons are that you want to make money or you just simply want to be or remain proactive, but the problem that you face is that you can’t think of an idea which you think will ‘stand out’. 


Baring in mind business is not for everyone, it’s not only the idea that generates a good business but your commitment to the cause in getting the best out of your idea. 

A key aspect in generating good ideas is through your innovative characteristics. Innovation can be seen as 2 things inmy eyes; thinking inside the box and expanding it or thinking outside the box and generating something that’s never been seen before, the former being for the less creative minds.

Here are a couple of ideas to may help to kick start your journey to creating that idea:

1. Make sure it’s something you enjoy or something that has affected you in some way – the best ideas will come from your experiences as you have possibly learned from the situation and will have a better understanding when it comes to tackling it.

2. Think of the purpose of your idea – Is it to for convenience sake, to improve well-being or simply for enjoyment? This essentially should be your focal marketing point as it is the basis of all other ideas that surround it.

3. Segregate the possible markets – You have no idea what your product/solution is going to be so investigate all avenues and relate the to the first point.

4. Market research – This is the reason why most business’ fail as research of the market has not been covered in depth.

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SS Tip: Use a business plan to help evaluate whether your business idea is feasible. You can download a free business plan by clicking here. [/box]

5. Use friend’s skills within your idea – This is a form of networking where skills you may not have are available to you via an alternative source.

6. Costs need to be thought of for starting up – This may not be needed but it is handy to have some money aside in case you need it.

7. When considering your final decision, is there a market for it? Can it generate money?  How does the customer benefit from your idea? Is there area for growth and improvement? The answers to these questions will be a contributing factor to whether your idea is a success.

[quote]“Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations” – Steve Jobs[/quote]
The story of Nick D’Aloisio shows some of these steps and can be an inspiration to the start of your journey.

If you’re struggling, don’t give up! When you do launch, we’d love to hear your about your business! 

Image in text: Tony Dowler

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