Who wouldn’t want to have the best chance of securing the sale? We talk everything contact forms. Not the form that you physically fill out with a pen and piece of paper, but online website contact forms.

In the 21st century, people want to have everything at their fingertips, which means on their smartphones, and online.

Nearly all businesses with a sustainable business model have an online presence or an application for customers to use and make a purchase or use their services. Once you have an established online presence, the level of exposure your business receives will inevitably exponentially grow with a great marketing plan enacted. Your website must have a method of communication whereby visitors, potential customers or existing customers can contact you or a representative of your company easily.  The key word here is ‘easily’. If visitors cannot have an unanswered question easily answered with as few clicks as possible they are likely to click off your website.  This will then lead to a potential lost sale and the potential customer purchasing from your competitor. The common way for a customer or visitor to reach out to a representative of your company is with the use of a contact form. There are many contact forms out there on the market for your website.

Here are a couple of tips to ensure that you’re set up in the most appropriate way:

1. When people want to buy a particular product or service they usually have an impulse to do so. You need to take advantage of that impulse and ensure your contact form is as short as possible, whilst capturing the information you need to help them.

2. Ensure you have a form of anti-spam tool enabled to avoid unnecessary solicitations from bogus third-parties.

3.  Ensure that you don’t require too much information from your potential customer or visitor otherwise they would put off from entering their details.

4. Where you can offer drop-down selection, do so. People don’t want to do too much thinking or work when making a purchase, so you need to make it easy for them.

5. If you are based in the EU, you’ll need to comply with GDP are rules.

6. If you are a new company with limited funds you may want to use a quick and easy-to-use contact form. Below we will talk you through how to make a contact form in HTML using AidaForm.

Steps to create a contact form using HTML in AidaForm:

  1. Log into your AidaForm account. If you do not have an account you must create one or sign up. Use your email id and password to make register yourself as a user. Registration is absolutely free and as a complimentary offer, you also get to make your first contact form free of cost. Once you have logged yourself in, you can go on to compose your contact form.

2. From the “Create a Form” button go on to choose the template that best suits the purpose of your contact form. There are many form templates available in the AidaForm gallery that helps you select the form with the most relevant questions you want on your page. If you want to customise all the questions and fields by your own you can go for the blank template option. With the form editor option you will be able to delete, move, add and edit fields, blocks, questions etc according to your desire. Once you have completed work on your material you must select “create”

3. Customize the form: Customization of a form is very important. Your online form has to match the design of your website. With the help of the form designer option, you can add more fields, change font type and size, add drop-down lists, option boxes, add the logo of your company etc. You can make any necessary changes you want to your form. Additionally, you can always change the background image. You can choose any image from the AidaForm gallery or you can upload a picture of your liking. Choose lucrative colours and images to make your contact page warm and welcoming. End the customization by creating a custom message for your consumers upon their submission of requests.

4. Once you have completed the whole ordeal of composing and customizing your contact form you can choose the Publish button to generate the HTML code of your online form page. This HTML code can be copy and pasted on your website to create a direct contact form on your website or you can use the code to hyperlink the “Contact us” button on your website. Whichever option you avail, you are sure to receive all customer response in the form of notification in your emails.

If you still want to learn how to code your form into existence you can refer to the AidaForm website.

Or alternatively, you may want to speak with a WordPress website designer that is the Start Smarter website designer team.

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