Social media has been around for years now and it seems like everyone is jumping on the social media train. If you’re out in public all you have to do is look around and you can bet that everyone including the sweet old lady down the street has a profile on one of the many social media platforms.

Social media platforms were designed to bring people together, yet nowhere does it say that they can’t bring together people and businesses. Many businesses have joined the online revolution, with some of them hitting full force by making their business 100% online. An example of this is online casinos like that take advantage of the wide audience which prefers doing things from the comfort of their own home.

The holy social media trinity, Facebook Instagram and Twitter can be amazing allies to your business. You don’t need to invest much in social media to reap a lot of its benefits. Here are some ways you can use them to enhance your business and bring some more attention to it.

Status Updates

One thing you can do with Facebook and Twitter is post status updates. These could be on a range of topics that cover things related to your business. If you own a shop or retail store it’s a good idea to post about new merchandise that might be arriving at your shop or a new promotion that you’re planning. One thing that people can’t get enough of is sales, so take full advantage of this and post anytime you have items on sale, or you’re doing a clearance sale.

With Facebook, it’s good practice to create a page for your business. You can then invite potential customers that you think might be interested in your business to like the page and keep up to date with the usual happenings (read more about this here

Image and Video Content

A creative way to use social media platforms is by posting content in the form of photos and videos. People like products that they can see and judge for themselves.

Photos and videos give them the assurance that the product is of good quality and matches their needs. Don’t be afraid to go bold when posting images or making videos showcasing a product. You can involve yourself or your workers if they’re ok with having themselves online and use real people to demonstrate how some products work, or how they look when modeled. While all of the three social media websites are good for this, Instagram is primarily a picture and video sharing app, so use it to its full potential and post regularly.

Communication Channel

If you want to take it a step further, you can use social media as a communication channel with potential and regular customers.

All three platforms offer messaging options that you can use as a means to set up orders, make reservations and answer questions customers might have about the products or services you’re offering.

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