Team building activities are a great way to boost employee morale and improve business productivity.

By encouraging collaboration and teamwork, employees begin to see each other in a new light by communicating in new and unfamiliar settings and situations. However, not all workplaces have begun to reap the benefits of improving company culture. So, what team building ideas can your business incorporate to improve productivity? Let’s find out.

In-House Experiential Learning Opportunities

Experiential learning, whereby participants learn information and immediately put this information into practice, involves employees bonding through shared experiences. By participating in communal activities such as group quizzes, team members can experience the strengths and weaknesses of others and build a team where each individual is encouraged to work alongside others towards a common goal. Moreover, it is no secret that the informal relationships between employees and their managers often determine how compatible a team is.

Ensuring employees work cohesively as a unit is a key aspect of team building and these bonds are typically strengthened during team activity. Problem solving activities are one example of team building tasks that can improve group communication skills and have direct applications to the workplace. Furthermore, informal conversations during breaks and at lunch as well as discussions about the latest news and events within the company are all opportunities where bonds can be strengthened and so should be strongly encouraged.

Organise A Mentoring Scheme

Mentoring schemes are an often-overlooked team building strategy that can have a hugely positive impact on a business. Encouraging employees to learn new skills from colleagues in house is a unique way to improve the skillsets of your team members while at the same time providing opportunities for collaboration. Most important of all, sharing knowledge and developing new abilities has benefits for both mentor and mentee. Additionally, mentoring is an excellent approach to creating an aspirational environment for employees at various levels of a company.

If you are contemplating organising a mentoring scheme in your workplace but have questions about how to go about implementing an effective program, you might want to consider getting in touch with Together at Together offer an HR software platform that allows businesses to organise regular mentoring sessions for employees so that your team can benefit from career development opportunities in a unique and diverse way.

Arrange An ‘Away Day’

If you really want to go the extra mile, why not arrange a team building trip or away day? Depending on the ages and interests in your office, a wine tasting day or a challenging quest could be a fruitful way for your employees to bond and talk about topics other than work. Consequently, team building activities should provide an event for everyone to look forward to and offer something for everyone involved.

Team building events such as escape rooms, afternoon teas, and crazy golf, are fun and motivational, and build skills in areas such as communication, planning and conflict resolution. By fostering genuine connections and deeper discussions, your business can benefit from a team that is united around a commonly shared goal. Above all, networking in this way increases morale in the office and celebrates team spirit.

Ultimately, team building activities are a unique way to improve team cohesion and enhance communication. By spending time together working towards a similar ambition, businesses can benefit from a happy team who enjoy each other’s company and want to see each other, as well as the company, succeed. Interested in finding even more ways to improve your company culture? Check out this blog post for 4 methods to motivate employees.

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