Getting noticed by potential consumers of your products is essential for your business’s survival. There is an overabundance of competition in the marketplace today. To stand heads and tails above everyone else, you need to become visible and maintain a clear distinction that rises above the rest. Keep reading for helpful tactics to stay at the forefront of the buying public’s eyes.

Master SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is an art form and one that you must master to get noticed. At its core, SEO is a strategic method for ensuring your website is discoverable among the masses of content available online at any given time.

Consider your own search habits and personal methodology. When you are interested in shopping, researching, or just finding out a little bit more about something online, how far do you look? In general, web users will Google a keyword, which can be a word or phrase, and then look at the top results. In addition, it is common for people to only look at the first page of their search results. You need to be on that first page and at the top of the results.

This is why SEO needs to be analyzed and fine-tuned with the best SEO tools available. Once you have crafted your SEO mastery skills, you will see the results in the number of users visiting your site and clicking on your links. These actions guide users into becoming purchasers, which is the end goal.

Be Thankful

When someone purchases from your company, send them a thank you note. You can include it with the purchase or send it out later. Showing appreciation to the people who buy your products makes them feel good. Make your words heartfelt and real. Note what the customer purchased and thank them for that specifically.

Be creative with your thank you notes. If you can, always send handwritten notes versus canned fill-in-the-blank printed forms. Should you have a new product on the horizon, include a sample to elicit interest. Even if there are no new items to sample, send one of a current item. Everyone enjoys free things, and this is an opportunity to give your brand more exposure.

As part of the thank you, add a fun little “Did you know…?” tip that shows them a new or interesting way the product they purchased from you can be used differently. If someone purchased a vacuum, point out other ways it can be used around the house for maximum efficiency. If the purchase was for sunscreen, advise your customer that the sunscreen works as an excellent base under their makeup in the summer.

Follow Up

As part of the purchasing process and after you have sent a thank you to your customers, you need to follow up. The best people to ask about your product and receive feedback about its performance are those who have purchased and used it without the expectation of compensation.

You and your team should reach out via email, social media channels, and an old-fashioned phone call to inquire how the consumer likes their product. This is an opportunity to ask for feedback, suggestions, or anything negative they have experienced. Positive notes are always welcome, of course.

In exchange for their time, offer to send a discount code for a future purchase. This is a great way to show your customers that you care enough to listen to their good and bad comments about your product and have the willingness to make changes as appropriate based on their input. People appreciate being heard and valued.

Watch this video for a marketing expert’s opinion on why following up with customers is important, and get some helpful tips on how to do it right.

Use Social Media

Of course, your company is on social media, but are you using it in the most advantageous ways? One of the best ways you can promote your brand is by creating videos. You should post on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook Live. These platforms will garner attention and reach a wide range of demographics.

If you have a product that comes with lengthy instructions, consider this your social media starting point. Either you, an energetic and well-spoken team member, or a well-known influencer (that you partner with and compensate) will be on camera. Write a script highlighting what you want to get out of the video and what you want to tell people about your product.

Should you be in the pet supply business, invite an adorable dog on camera and provide a demonstration on how easy it is to groom the dog with your amazing grooming clippers and accessories, for example. Make the content light-hearted with lots of endearing moments to capture your audience’s attention.

Create Exclusivity

Whenever humankind sees the words “For a Limited Time Only” or “Limited Quantity” or any variation of these phrases, they want the thing. These words imply that not everyone can have one of these, and you had better get one now,f or else FOMO will haunt you. If you are lucky enough to get one, you will be one of a special few. That is a coveted position for a consumer to be in.

Whether you create a special line of limited batch drinks, a necklace design that was painstakingly crafted and only 10 are available, or anything else that is a variation of what your company usually produces, if you make it exclusive, people will want it. Go ahead and capitalize on consumers’ shopping wants to generate more buzz for your company through an offering that is both well-made and special edition.

Take these beneficial strategies and ideas and make them your own. Do what works well for your company’s bottom line, and then keep doing it. Do not stop. It is important to innovate, ideate, and keep challenging yourself and your team to continue to expose your brand to the world at large. Your strategies will pay off in dividends when the people see what amazing things you have to offer them.

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