As an employer there are a few things you should not tolerate from your employees. In this article I’ve compiled six of many things you should look out for. Why should they not be tolerated? Because they can kill the business you’ve worked hard to build.
Begin by telling them their actions are not acceptable and are unfair on the team.

1) Boredom

Boredom is for lazy people who are happy to sit around and do nothing. You need ambitious and dynamic people around you – these people don’t get bored easily and generally always have something to get on with.

2) Negativity

Negativity in the work place is like a virus. It spreads. Not only does it spread, it reduces productivity and can kill your business.

Tip: Want to know how you can help reduce negativity in the workplace?
Give your employees a reason to want to come to work. Competitions, rewards, a corporate membership to the local driving range. Maybe a team meal? Oh and its tax deductible!

3) Anger

I’m not talking about the odd spell of anger. We’re human, everyone gets angry. I’m talking imagesabout that employee who continuously has something to have a moan about, that employee who has a very short fuse. People with anger issues are like ticking time bombs. Their feelings affect their behaviour – this could cost you custom.

4) Laziness

This is the guy or girl in the office who is always on ‘a fag break’, has an excuse for being late back from lunch all the time, or is always too ill to come in. You don’t need this sort of person in the workplace. Not only are they counter-productive, its unfair on your hardworking employees.

5) Mediocrity

Being average takes no effort at all, its as easy as it gets. An average person doesn’t want to better themselves, what makes you think they want to better your business? You to be surrounded by ambitious, creative and hardworking people who will strive to drive your business forward. These are the ones who deserve to grow with your business.

6) Lying

Lying about why they didn’t come in to work. Lying about what they’ve done. Why should you have doubt in your mind about what an employee tells you? Surround yourself with people you can trust.


Well there it is, the six things you shouldn’t tolerate as a leader.
…and don’t forget to practice what you preach.
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