Whether you’re starting your own business or you are pursuing a particularly important position in a company, you need to think about the car you drive.

Most companies will now ask candidates this from day one. In the interview they will say: do you drive? What they actually mean is: do you have a car? If you’re lucky, you might find that the company supplies you with one of their fleet vehicles. However, this is never a guarantee and you should be prepared to purchase your own. So, what do you need to think about when making this decision.

The Commute And MPG

First, do consider how much you are going to be driving this vehicle. This will play into whether the MPG is going to be important. Typically a business car will be used for the commute to and from work which could be anything up to an hour away. It may also be used to drive to clients through the day or even drive to see clients outside of town. It all depends on the role you are pursuing and the business model that you’re entering into. Regardless, it’s important to ensure that you have a car that isn’t going to eat up fuel like there’s no tomorrow. There are plenty of beautiful cars on the market that are not gas guzzlers. These days, it might even be worth opting for the hybrid. This is the perfect modern car.

The Style And The Clients

Do think about how much clients and members of your business network are going to see this vehicle. If they are constantly going to be around this car it needs to be impressive and show that you have a considerable level of wealth. You might want to aim to buy one of the top brands for this reason including Audi, Mercedes, or BMW. Do this and you’ll immediately impress your clients. Potential clients will also take one look at the car and assume you are successful. Look at it this way. You never see a real estate agent arrive to show a property in a beaten up banger. Some even rent a car to make the right first impression.

The Age And The Perception

You might be worried that the importance of perception means that you need to buy a car brand new. You don’t, you can still buy a second-hand car and if you look at sites like https://www.georgesonscars.co.uk/, you’ll find plenty that look absolutely fantastic. The key detail to remember here is as long as it looks great, clients aren’t going to know it is second hand. As well as this, financial experts agree it’s never a smart move to buy a brand new car.

The Reliability And The Role

Last but not least, do make sure that you are investing in a car that is reliable. The last thing that you want is to end up at the side of the road when you are on your way to see an important client. Find out more about the most reliable cars on the market today on https://www.express.co.uk/.

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