Work at home, work in a designated office space – at the end of the day location doesn’t matter as much as decoration or furnishings.

From logistical considerations to design touches, you need to be on top of how your office can support you so that you can continue to be productive throughout the day. A TV in the office is an ill-advised idea, for example, but a painting could offer the right levels of mental stimulation to keep you inspired and working.

The right office for you will look different than your partner’s or co-worker’s, and that is okay. So long as you follow this guide you will have a great office that suits your needs:

The Logistics

It can be all too easy to be wowed by the amazing office spaces you see online or on the telly, but you need to forget for a moment how you want your office to look, and instead focus on how it needs to function.

Know How Much Space You Need

There is a lot you can do with a small amount of space, but if you work with large items like big beams of timber, there is only so much you can do without, say, a warehouse or garage. Know the size of the tools you will be using, how much storage you need, and be prepared to look for a new space if the one you were thinking of doesn’t fit the criteria.

Get All the Necessary Storage Areas

Storage is going to be a huge issue. Perhaps you need a lot of files on hand, or perhaps your office is more of a workshop and you have many tools you need to store. Either way, strong, solid shelving from G Rack is going to be your lifesaver. Don’t waste your time on shelves that could very well bend or break. Choose strong from the start, and it will last a lifetime and help keep you organised.

Create a Simple Organisation System

All the tools, data, and whatever else you need for work must be organised and fit well into your office space. The level of organisation can help you either be productive or waste half the day looking for that one tool or file.

The Design

Now that you know your office will support you as it needs to, you can focus entirely on the design and aesthetic of it.

Stick to Neutrals

To stay productive, try to stick to light colours or neutrals. They are very calming, bright, and can help you stay productive without causing too much of a distraction or a headache.

Bring in Some Plant Life

Plants are a must in every office environment for a few reasons. The most obvious one being that they can help purify the air and therefore help boost your health. Then they are also great decorative pieces that liven up any room they are in.


Your office needs to support your daily tasks and help you stay healthy and happy. Only when it can accomplish both will you stay productive and on-task day after day.

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