Innovation is showing no signs of slowing down in 2021 as an array of different products are continually brought our way. When it comes to gadgets and tech, it is definitely the case. As consumers, we’re lucky in that respect. The options are endless. 

Not every product we’re exposed to is necessarily worth purchasing, of course. We do tend to be on the receiving end of an advertising campaign for products we see no use for from time to time, but on the whole, the vast majority of gadgets perform worthwhile jobs, sometimes making even the most menial of tasks become a bit more bearable. 

Alongside the gadgets which help with various tasks around the house or spruce up any exercise routine, there are an array of impressive capabilities with our smartphones these days too. Our phones have additional accessories and apps we can download, all contributing towards more sophisticated devices than ever before. The progression with our smartphones sums up the overall progress in tech, with our phones now capable of hosting Netflix shows, taking high-quality images and satisfying our gaming needs thanks to new slots added every day at and other creations like Among Us. Our smartphones, coupled with the progress made with gadgets and various pieces of tech, highlight just how far we have come. 

With loads of popular gadgets flying off the shelves already in 2021, here is a look at some of the best products on the market right now. 

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

There is nothing worse than a cold cup of tea or coffee, especially when you don’t expect it to be. Thankfully, with the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug, you’ll never have to worry about a cold cuppa ever again. With this clever mug, you can control the temperate of it via its slick and easy to use app, giving you the power to make sure your hot beverage never turns cold again. 

Osmo Mobile 2 Handheld Smartphone Gimbal

Taking pictures with our mobile phone devices is handy, but they don’t always turn out well. To avoid any shaky or blurred shots, try using the Osmo Mobile 2 Handheld Smartphone Gimbal. This brilliant gimbal will hold your phone steady thanks to its in-built controls, enabling you to move the phone from side to side with ease. It definitely makes taking pictures a more enjoyable experience. 

FujiFilm Mini Photo Printer

Once you’ve finished using the aforementioned gimbal to capture your images, try printing them off with this FujiFilm Mini Photo Printer. You can print pictures immediately from your phone with this slick little printer. It’s fairly easy to set up, it comes in a variety of different colours, and you can add various different filters to improve your photos even further, too. 

Rohm Portable White Noise Sound Machine

Travelling with a baby can be tricky, especially if they’re struggling to sleep in a new setting at night. To help your little one drift off with ease, consider purchasing the Rohm Portable White Noise Sound Machine. It’s small in size and easy to carry around, but most importantly of all, it drowns out any outside noise thanks to its three different sounds which are capable of soothing your baby and making sure that they’re undisturbed and sleeping soundly. 

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LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Yes, you did read that correctly, the LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle is indeed self-cleaning. Thanks to its UV-C LED light, this bottle from the future cleans all of its contents, therefore making sure no harmful germs or bacteria can settle inside it. The bottle comes in a variety of colours, too. 

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