One of the most important things that you need to know when you have a startup business is how to get people to see you. You can have the best business idea in the world, but it’s not going to matter if you don’t have anyone able to find you. If no one knows about your business, then it’s vital that you get the word out online as much as possible. If you can do this without spending too much money, you’re going to be in the best possible position.

There are plenty of experts out there that will tell you all about social media and SEO, ad builder techniques and marketing expertise. There are very few individuals that will tell you that none of this is going to be easy! It takes some time to get noticed, as while word spreads, you can bet that it’ll take a while to get your name out there properly – depending on how you choose to do it, anyway. Below, we’ve put together some of the best tips to ensure that your new business can be noticed online without too much cash spent.

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  • Get onto social media. You need your business live and kicking on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and more – you have to do this before you launch any social media campaigns. Take some time to figure out which social media sites are best for your customers and audience, and set those pages up as quickly as possible. You need to then post weekly content to keep those sites live and moving. Setting up the pages only works out if you plan to continue being seen online.

  • Make your content share-worthy. Not only do you want to ensure that your business is visible, you need to ensure that people will want to share your content properly. If they do this, you will be seen by an even bigger audience, and this will be exactly what your business needs for success. Make it easy for people to share it by making your content stand out from the crowd. Make it relevant and make it a talking point. When you do this, you encourage people to interact.

  • Get your close friends and family to get the word out. You have a new business, and you want to have people talking about you. When you get your friends and family to talk about you, they are using the most powerful method of advertising: word of mouth. Ask your friends and family to follow your business on social media and spread the word properly. Get referrals and reward people for following and buying from you. You need people to get something back from your business so that they want to keep coming back for more.

  • Give, give, give. Offering influencers and bloggers online free stuff that you make or free services that you do for mentions and reviews, you’re going to be able to direct traffic the right way. You are giving back to people, and when you do, you will find that your customer base grows. You want those shares and to do that, you need to offer something good!
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