These days, the overall impression of a brand is online, but while building up your online presence is crucial for your brand, it’s not the only approach. While online marketers will use their website as well as social media to drive traffic, there are other ways to bring people to your business, online and offline. Here are four simple ways to build your brand:


An incredibly simple thing to promote your brand, using items with your logo is the perfect way to get your business there. If you can capture the zeitgeist, even better! Arguably, one of the simplest ways to do this right now is to emblazon your business logo on promotional items that are related to hygiene. Many businesses are now using face masks and alcohol gel as part of a promotional package. You might think this seems a little bit on the trite side, but right now it is the topic on everybody’s minds. In addition to this, there are so many other freebies that you can give to people. Post pandemic, you may want to think about trade shows or local festivals and give away items for free in these places.

Local Partnerships

An amazing way to help build your brand. By getting involved with local partnerships, you can do big things for your brand. People sometimes overlook the importance of building a name for themselves in a local setting. By getting involved with partners on your level and in your locale, you will be able to make a name for yourself as a trusted business. You’ve got to start small before you expand. By working with local partnerships, and you helping other businesses makes a good name for yourself on a professional level as well as a public one.

Becoming a Thought Leader

Using platforms like LinkedIn can get you a lot of attention in professional circles. When you have posts attached to a LinkedIn account that has gathered enough attention, it can establish you as a thought leader. When we talk about the importance of posting blogs and content, we may think of doing this via the typical social media circles or via our website. But using LinkedIn is a great way to get your name out there through its publishing tool.


A very colourful way to display statistics and data. Infographics are generally quick to digest making them a fantastic tool for brand building. Getting started in infographic design is straightforward with the many infographic packages out there. And by gradually building up your confidence in this area, you can potentially get thousands of shares, making a name for your business pretty quickly.

A Unique Personality

Not the easiest approach but if you are sticking within a certain set of parameters you might be doing your brand a disservice. One of the best ways to increase brand awareness is to give your brand a unique and fun identity. Being a little bit cheeky is fantastic for making your brand memorable, especially when it comes to promoting a certain aftershave brand.

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