Whether old or brand new, the James Bond films are full to the brim with cool gadgets. They have to, in honesty, because the brand is built on 007 using a pen/parachute to get out of trouble.

As sleek and sophisticated as it looks on TV, gadgets are more than a conversation between Bond and Q. Sure, they don’t explode or fire bullets, but they do have more important functions. Before you ask, we aren’t out of our minds; just finely tuned into the real world that is tech and business.

So, instead of dismissing the intro as nonsense, why don’t you take a look at the other side of technology?


Entrepreneurs want to make money, and the right gadgets and gizmos allow them to do that. And no, this isn’t a shout out to automated technology, although we’ll get onto that later. Employees still have a vital role to play because they are gaps between AI and reality. However, the problem with workers is that they slack off and take the Michael. Bosses who let this continue end up losing money and can’t recover what has gone. So, software development metrics keep people on their toes. Because they can track productivity, employers can tell when people are coasting. The fear should maintain a high level of output.

And iRobot Too

Starring Will Smith, iRobot is a film where there is a power struggle between humans and machines. This doesn’t seem likely to happen anytime soon, even though Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk have aired their concerns. Still, though they are uneasy about the growing intelligence of artificial programs, it’s a plus for businesses. Today, without paying high wages or upfront fees, entrepreneurs can let the software take care of everyday tasks. Machines churn out products by the millions, for example, while managers have virtual assistants. You have to admit it’s pretty cool.

Direct Info

Almost everything you need to know is on the internet. It may not be accessible from a legal point of view, but it’s there as long as it’s stored on a server. For the most part, the info is open to anyone with a connection. By going to Google, the world is at a person’s fingertips in a matter of seconds. Around 2.3, to be exact. To companies, this is music to the ears because it means there aren’t as many delays. Not only can the whole business solve problems, but they can pass on the info in no time whatsoever. Oh, and this goes for the HQ in London and the base in Los Angeles.

Out Of The Office

As a connection is all anyone needs to be productive, the work boundaries are changing. Nowadays, bosses don’t need their employees to sit behind a desk, which is good because they don’t want to! Morale receives a big boost then because there is a better balance between work and life. Plus, there is a money factor. Fewer in-house employees mean there is no need to waste money on overheads.


Granted, the above doesn’t sound as exotic as chewing gum-dynamite, but they are as effective for entrepreneurs.

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