There is a common conception that nobody likes coming into the office on a Monday morning. The atmosphere is gloomy, motivation is low and there is always so much work leftover from the weekend. What if your employees walked into work every single day with a smile on their face?

What if they had a radiant glow about them each time their alarm went off in the morning? You have to be realistic about this type of positivity, but it is completely possible to boost the morale in your workplace. Whether you’re considering an office renovation or a flexible working policy, there are a number of ideas for you to explore here.

A Refreshed Workspace

You have probably seen photographs and videos of amazing workspaces at Google and Facebook. Whilst many of us would absolutely love to create this type of office environment for our employees, this isn’t always possible. You need to think about the next best thing for your valued workers; what are they looking for in their office space?

You may be able to give it a mini makeover with maximum impact. Be sure to stick within your budget, otherwise you run the risk of a hefty bill at the end of your project. Clear out the kitchen area and make it tidy, chic and style. Get rid of that old fridge that constantly smells like mouldy sandwiches; you may want to hire a professional company that specialises in fridge removal to make sure you dispose of it responsibly. There is no harm in asking your current employees what they would like to see in their own office space; use their feedback to your advantage.

Flexible Working

Implementing flexible working is one of the simplest and most effective ways to boost employee morale. Everybody in your workplace will have varying commitments, so why not make their life easier? As long as it doesn’t affect their workload, you should be allowing your members of staff to work at a time that is suited to their home life.

Away Day

When your team has the chance to get out of the office and bond together, you will see so many advantages right away. Not only is an away day something to look forward too, but it also allows new members of the team to become integrated. Make sure you time your away day conveniently so that most of your employees are able to attend. Don’t schedule it close to an important deadline either, as your team won’t be able to properly switch off and enjoy themselves.


Carry out a little bit of local market research amongst the team you’re working with. You will soon find that there are so many alterations you could make to your day to day business operations. It’s not necessarily about making everybody happy, but you do want to appeal to the masses. Make sure you don’t sell any false promises otherwise morale will be even lower than it was before. As soon as people see the implementations you’re making, it will have a knock on effect to their motivation and morale.


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