If you run an e-commerce website, you will undoubtedly know that several factors affect its success. One of them, of course, is the description on each product page. In short, if your product descriptions suck, you won’t have many people buying from you.

Product description pages can be challenging to get right for various reasons, and it can sometimes be a process of elimination before you get the perfect formula for your site. With that in mind, how can you improve your product descriptions for better sales success?

The following tips and techniques will help you to transform the product descriptions for each page and boost your bottom line:

Keep It Simple

People will generally end up on e-commerce website pages because they feel the products in question are relevant to their needs. As you can appreciate, not all visitors will have an intimate knowledge of your products.

You’ll need to ensure that your product descriptions explain in simple terms what each product design is and how it can be useful to whoever is visiting the page. Don’t write descriptions that take several minutes to read; visitors will just leave and go elsewhere.

Create Explainer Videos

Text videos undoubtedly help people read what your products are about, plus they’re suitable for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes. But, what if the people visiting your website want to see a demonstration of your products?

Short of sending them products to trial, the best option is to create some explainer videos. As the name suggests, explainer videos demonstrate the features and benefits of products and are generally more engaging than text descriptions.

It’s also worth using a professional voice-over artist to describe your products as they will help your videos engage with viewers better. Plus, it gives your videos a more professional tone as voice-over artists have a natural flair for the spoken word in professional settings.

Use Professional Product Images

You might think that taking photos of your products with your iPhone or a simple point-and-click digital camera is all that’s needed to showcase what you sell. However, the sad truth is your photographs are likely letting your site down.

That’s why it pays to use professional product images for each of your product descriptions. Paying a professional photographer is an investment for your business rather than an expense because good product shots will help you sell more of your products online.

Photographers will usually take photographs of your products in their studios or venues appropriate to your products. For example, if you sell vacuum cleaners, they will take photos of your products in homes.

Add Verified Reviews

Last but not least, your product descriptions should also have a reviews section. Doing so adds credibility to your products and brand, plus it helps buyers decide if specific products are right for them.

Also, sticking with verified reviews (i.e., verified purchases from your website) ensures there is no risk of fake reviews from competitors ruining your brand’s reputation.

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